Shungite Belt, Kneepad, Elbowpad

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Shungite energy is made possible by the unique abilities of this rare mineral.

Shungite has unique properties. Various products from this rare stone help in the fight against EMF and geopathogenic phenomena. Shungite has sorption and anti-bacterial properties. Able to mineralize and disinfect water. It is believed that such water is good for health, because the fullerene c60 that are contained in the present shungite healing is the most powerful natural antioxidant. In the course of research it was found that shungite also has healing power. This mineral is able to increase blood flow in tissues and act at the cellular level.

Really doesn’t know how it works, but shungite helps with pain in the back and joints. For example in the knees or elbows. Massage with Shungite pencil allows you to increase efficiency and result. The mere realization that this mineral is over two billion years old and one of the rarest on earth gives an extraordinary sense of power. Use a shungite belt for back pain or a shungite knee pad for example for knee pain. All our products are filled with only 100% genuine shungite stones from Karelia.

Please note that all our Shungite products made by hand. Therefore, the size and weight of each product may vary slightly.

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