Shungite Jewelry

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Rare mineral jewelry

Each Shungite Jewelry have a cabochon in a chromeless rim. Rim material – jewelry alloy with electroplated coating of black and white silver, rhodium, copper and silver oxide. Coating thickness is 40 micrometers.

This metal coating is not chosen by chance. Also, it prevents the metal from corroding. In addition, from external influences. The chain and fastening materials of this necklace are made of stainless steel. Rings have the ability to replace the clasp yourself.

Features of manufacture Shungite Jewelry

Each shungite Jewelry is made by hand, therefore the dimensions of each cabochon are unique and may differ slightly from those specified in the description. Shungite Cabochons have the shape of a hemisphere and a polished surface. Pyrite and Quartzite inclusions are barely noticeable.

Please note that the polished surface of the stone is very fragile. This surface can be easily damaged by strong impact on it. In addition, fingerprints may remain on such a surface.

Cabochon of rare black stone

Cabochon is a mineral or stone that is processed by a special method to give it a characteristic convex shape. These products are used to make various jewelry. Shungite jewelry is no exception. Also, our craftsmen use only solid pieces of genuine shungite to make it a work of art in the form of a cabochon. This is a time-consuming process that requires special equipment and skills.

Please note, that our store has a large selection of shungite pendants and amulets without chrome frames. You can find an individual shungite pendant just for you.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.