Not Stretchable Shungite bracelets with decorative elements


Clasp bracelet, clasp material: chrome-plated iron, not stretchable.

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This bracelets is made of 100% Shungite stone. Shungite beads have a size 9 mm/0.35″ The double rings and closed fasteners are used to give these bracelets a special strength. Decorative elements are made of  metal. This shungite bracelets is strung on very strong jewelry string.

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Gold, Silver, Dark, Bronze

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12.5cm/4.9", 13.5cm/5.3", 14.5cm/5.7", 15.5cm/6.1", 16.5cm/6.5", 17.5cm/6.9", 18.5cm/7.3", 19.5cm/7.67", 20.5cm/8.07", 21.5cm/8.46", 22.5cm/8.85"