Shungite pendant “Metatron”


“Metatron” is called the chief among the heavenly powers and the most close to the God of heaven essence

This shungite pendant carved from 100% solid piece of real Shungite stone. The pattern is applied by engraving method. This pattern will not erased and is very durable. Each pendant is unique and made by hand. The inclusion of pyrite and Quartzite make each pendant unique and unique as a human fingerprint. This Shungite pendant has two polished surfaces. The surface of the pattern is natural and not polished. Each Shungite pendant has a unique size and may vary slightly from the size specified in the description.


Metatron – “Standing at the throne” In Jewish mythology (aggadicheskoy and Talmudic) “altar angel”, the closest to God, directly from him receiving orders. In other Talmudic sources Metatron is identified with Enoch, whom God took to heaven and made the Supreme angel. This merges the characteristics of Metatron as the one who came in human flesh and in the spirit of a fire (i.e. angelic). The light emanating from him is part of the radiance of the heavenly throne (which is the starting point in the imagery of Metatron), on which he alone has the right to sit (according to another version, he sits behind the throne).

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Weight0.045 lbs
Dimensions1.77 × 1.77 × 1.77 in