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It is now becoming increasingly difficult to buy real Shungite. Firstly, the market is full of fakes of this unique and healing mineral. Secondly, in many countries of our world produce Shungit-containing rocks. As a result, such rocks do not contain C60 carbon and do not have the unique and healing abilities. This rare mineral is mined only in one place on earth. This region called – Republic of Karelia, its located in the North of Russia. Shungite Russia it’s a natural mineral that has unique abilities. It has sorption, catalytic, bactericidal properties, biological activity, the ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation of high frequencies. Scientific research has revealed in it all these unusual abilities. After this discovery, scientists discovered fullerenes C60 in this healing mineral. It is a unique carbon C60.

Unusual properties of Shungite

The water coming out of the shungit strata, have healing properties. Moreover, shungite water treat many diseases, including dermatological, allergic. Such are the properties of water extracts of shungit. Therefore, Karelian shungite infusions are useful to have in every home, using them to accelerate the healing of wounds, to relieve itching from insects and to improve the condition of the skin.  On the basis of shungite rocks created drugs with biological activity as a result the use of such drugs in agronomy has increased the yield of potatoes and significantly increase its resistance to disease, in animal husbandry – to improve the quality of fur.

We are not intermediaries moreover we make our products only from 100% of Karelian shungite stone. The Deposit of this healing mineral is only two hours away from us. By purchasing in our store you get a guarantee that you will receive only authenticity Shungite and a variety of quality products made from this unique mineral. In our store you will find: pyramids,  pendants and necklaces also other products in range.

Do you need a genuine elite noble shungite for water? You’ll found it in our store also. We extract each gram of this mineral on their own and only by hand. Deposit of this mineral is completely exhausted.

In conclusion, I would like to note that we want to give our customers the best service and genuine, shungite russia quality products.

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