Due to the numerous requests of our customers, we have prepared a list of discounts in the form of shungite C60 coupon for all products of our store. In order to take advantage of the discount you need to add any items to your cart from our store. Then go to your shopping cart. Enter the coupon name in the appropriate field, as shown in the picture.

shungite c60 discount

After that, click on the button – apply coupon. The discount will be calculated automatically. Now, you can get to Proceed to checkout. If you want to change the quantity of your goods, you can do it right in your shopping cart. Just change the number of items and click update cart. Please note that the shungite c60 coupon does not apply to shipping costs, items on sale, as well as products from the category – sets. The fact is that a discount has already been provided for these products.

List of Shungite C60 coupons

  • newb2019 (For all our new customers, we provide a 5% discount on all products from our store)
  • c60m50 (Use this shungit C60 coupon to get 5% discount if the cost of your order is above $50)
  • c60m100 (Use this coupon to get a 10% discount if the cost of your order is more than $100 )
  • c60m200 (Use this coupon to get a 15% discount if the cost of your order is more than $200 )
  • c60m300 (Use this coupon to get a 20% discount if the cost of your order is more than $300 )
  • wholesalec60 (The maximum discount of 30% provided for orders over $500 )

If you do not see the discount in your shopping cart after you have applied your coupon, please check the coupon name and make sure you have entered it correctly. For convenience, you can copy the name of the coupon (without spaces or additional simbols) and paste in the appropriate field. All coupons listed on the English language without “caps lock”).

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. We usually report back within 24 hours. This is due to the time difference between the Republic of Karelia and your country.