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Flower of Life Engraved Black Stone Spheres

Shungite spheres Flower of Life in our store are made from a single piece of real c60 black stone from Karelia, Russia.

Russian stone type 3 has the ability to absorb and neutralize EMF In addition, it helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena. The ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui define the shape of the sphere as a peace, eternity, self-sufficient power over the universe, power and Imperial dignity. In other words, each shape has its own energy.

Surface of the spheres

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss two types of surface our products. Shungite spheres Flower of Life have two types of surface.

Firstly, it’s a polished surface. Secondly, it’s unpolished surface. The polished surface is smooth and reflects light. The unpolished surface is rough to the touch and does not reflect light. This surface looks natural. On there clearly visible inclusion of pyrite and Quartz. Pyrite has a Golden color.

Quartz has a whitish color.  These two minerals are an integral part of the authentic stone from Karelia. Thirdly, and most importantly, the surface does not affect the ability of the black Russian stone.

Please note that all our Shungite spheres Flower of Life made by hand. Therefore, the size and weight of each product may vary slightly.

How we engraving the Shungite spheres Flower of Life

We make engraving of different patterns on spheres. That is, we apply high-quality images of the Flower of Life, Yin-Yang, Eye of Horus and so on using the laser engraving method. At the same time, in order for the stone sphere to be stable, we offer natural stone stand for it also.

Pyrite and Quartz in the Spheres

Please note that authentic Russian black rock contains minerals such as quartz and pyrite. In this regard, when we engrave stone, white quartz stripes appear on the stone surface.

In this case, quartz white marks appear in the place where the laser contacts the stone, in which the quartz vein passes. As a result, every time we get a unique pattern on the shungite sphere Flower of life.

Also, on the surface of the stone, yellow inclusions of pyrite appear. In general, you can see inclusions of the mineral pyrite in the rock with the naked eye. It has a beautiful yellow, golden or orange color. Also, in addition to stripes and dots, pyrite can be present on the raw stones and other products surface in the form of small pits or holes.

Flower of Life symbol

Shungite sphere Flower of Life engraved this is unique and mysterious symbol is found in almost every religion. The image of the Flower of Life can be found in ancient temples in Egypt, China, Greece, Ireland and other countries.

It symbolizes the infinity of the universe, which arose from emptiness at the will of the Creator. In our world, it is represented by the eternal cycle of life in nature. After all, when flowers appear on a tree, they turn into fruits, which ripen and are filled with fertile seeds, and new trees will appear from them.

Therefore, the flower of life is a kind of explanation of the very creation of the universe, showing its laws.

It is surprising that the shungite sphere Flower of Life itself is divided into seven circles, each of which has its own sacred meaning. After all, all the elements are proportionally related to each other and as a whole represent an ideal geometric shape. Thus, its structure combines the laws of physics, mathematics, geometry and the secrets of spiritual talismans and ancient runic signs.

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