Shungite Raw Stones

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Showing all 4 results

Shungite raw stones are minerals that have a natural shape. These samples of rare mineral were subjected to minimal processing which is necessary to give a pleasant appearance and rounded shape for raw shungite stones. The fact is that raw stones of this rare mineral look like coal and get their hands dirty.

Also, all samples have uneven and sharp edges. This can create inconvenience if you carry such a stone in your pocket or your bag. In addition, processed raw shungite stones have a presentable appearance and can perfectly fit into any interior.

If you are a collector or lover of rare stones, then probably one of these samples of rare raw shungite stone natural will be a great addition to your collection.

Please note that processed stones of this rare mineral have two types of surface.

First, it is a rough surface with clearly visible inclusions of Perlite and Quartzite on the surface. This is the most natural surface texture to the natural one.

Secondly, it is a smooth polished surface. This surface reflects light well and has a rich black color. Inclusions of pyrite and Quartzite on such a surface of raw shungite stone are barely noticeable.

Please note that this is not a paint as can show at a glance. This is a thin layer of polished surface that is obtained by prolonged strong friction with the smallest special particles. Such a surface can be easily damaged if you RUB this surface with effort or hold your copy constantly