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Raw stones type 3

Shungite raw stones are minerals that have a natural shape. These samples of rare Russian mineral were subjected to minimal processing which is necessary to give a pleasant appearance and rounded shape for raw shungite stones. The fact is that raw stones of this rare mineral look like coal and get their hands dirty.

Also, all samples have uneven and sharp edges. This can create inconvenience if you carry such a stone in your pocket or your bag. In addition, processed shungite raw stones have a presentable appearance and can perfectly fit into any interior.

If you are a collector or lover of rare stones, then probably one of these samples of rare shungite raw stone natural will be a great addition to your collection.

Polished and Raw Unpolished Surface

Please note that processed stones of this rare mineral have two types of surface.

  1. First, it is a rough surface with clearly visible inclusions of Perlite and Quartzite on the surface. This is the most natural surface texture to the natural one.
  2. Secondly, it is a smooth polished surface. This surface reflects light well and has a rich black color. Inclusions of pyrite and Quartzite on such a surface of shungite raw stones are barely noticeable.

Please note that this is not a paint as can show at a glance. This is a thin layer of polished surface that is obtained by prolonged strong friction with the smallest special particles. Such a surface can be easily damaged if you RUB this surface with effort or hold your copy constantly.

Unveiling the Ancient Power of Russian black stone

In the world of minerals and crystals, few stones hold the mystique and potential energy of the Shungite raw stones. Emerging from the depths of Russia, this enigmatic gem has captured the fascination of seekers of both holistic well-being and geological wonders. In this article, we delve into the captivating properties of the black Russian stone, its ancient origins, potential benefits, and how it has become a symbol of connection to the Earth’s energies.

A Glimpse into the Depths: The Origin of Shungite Raw Stones

The Russian black stone origin story is steeped in geological history. It is believed to have formed billions of years ago in the ancient lakes of Karelia, Russia. Composed primarily of carbon, unique molecular structure called fullerenes sets it apart from other minerals. Fullerenes are hollow carbon molecules that possess remarkable potential for interacting with energy and substances.

The black, lustrous polished appearance of the stone is a testament to its innate beauty and power. The Russian rock comes in various grades, with Type 1 (also known as elite or noble) containing the highest concentration of fullerenes. This type of the type 1 stone is revered for its potential energetic benefits and is often sought after for its unique properties.

Potential Energetic Benefits of the Russian c60 Rock

Shungite raw stones has earned a reputation as a powerful tool in the realm of holistic wellness. It is renowned for its ability to neutralize and absorb electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by electronic devices. As our world becomes increasingly digitally connected, concerns about the potential impact of EMFs on our well-being have grown. The stone’s innate properties are thought to create a protective barrier against these potentially harmful frequencies.

Moreover, the Karelian stone is believed to possess detoxifying and purifying qualities. It is often used in water purification, with many placing Shungite raw stones in water to infuse it with the mineral’s potential benefits. Some individuals also use the rock to create healing grids or place it in specific areas to promote balance and harmony in their living spaces.


Shungite raw stones goes beyond its potential energetic benefits; it serves as a tangible connection to the Earth’s ancient energies. As a relic of a time long past, the c60 stone represents the wisdom of the Earth’s geological history. Holding a piece of the black Russian stone can evoke a sense of grounding, reminding us of our roots and the interconnectedness of all life.

In the metaphysical realm, the Russian stone is associated with the root chakra—the energy center that governs our sense of stability and security. This connection to the root chakra aligns with grounding properties, making it a powerful ally for those seeking emotional balance and a sense of rootedness in the present moment.

Incorporating Shungite Raw Stone into Daily Life

Integrating Shungite raw stone into daily life can be as simple as placing it near electronic devices, carrying it as a pocket stone, or wearing it as jewelry. The black stone pendants, bracelets, and rings offer a stylish way to harness its potential benefits while adding a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble.

For those interested in exploring of the stone energetic properties in water purification, placing Shungite raw stones in a water vessel is a popular practice. It’s important to note that raw black stones can leave residue in water. This is water pollution that has been neutralized. It is recommended to drain the water before this sediment and pour the sediment into the sink.

An Ancient black Russian stone in Modern Times

The type 3 stone bridges the gap between the ancient wisdom of the Earth and the demands of our modern digital age. Its potential benefits, symbolic connections, and captivating appearance make it a sought-after gem for those who seek holistic well-being and energetic balance. Whether used as a protective shield against EMFs, a purifying tool, or a reminder of our connection to the Earth’s energy, the Shungite raw stone stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature’s creations.