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Shungite FAQ

shungite mineral

We get a lot of monotonous questions about Shungite every day. In this article we have collected shungite FAQ and answers to the most popular questions about Shungite from our readers. We will try to give brief but meaningful answers about this rare and unique black stone.

Shungite FAQ
Shungite FAQ
What shungite mineral means?

In the first place is the most popular shungite FAQ. Shungite is a uncommon rare stone, which is the object of world scientific research. Indeed, the special structure of shungite carbon conceals many secrets. Literally speaking, it is a rock. This is one of the rarest minerals on earth because there is only one place on our planet where it can be mined.
This rock is a cross between a mineral and a stone. It looks like charcoal and also gets your hands dirty. This mineral is one of the few that has truly amazing abilities. These abilities have scientifically proven confirmations all over the world. You can learn more about this rare stone here. ←(click here)

Where shungite is mined?

This rare mineral is mined in the North of Russia. This Republic which is part of Russia is called Karelia. This is the border area of Russia and Finland. In other countries and regions shungite-containing rocks are mined. These rocks are not Shungite, but similar to it.shungite mining zazhogino

How was shungite formed?

There are several versions of how this rare mineral appeared. According to one version, shungite is the result of metamorphosis of organic substances into inorganic form over several hundred million years. This was the so-called biogenic theory.

There is also a volcanogenic theory.
According to this non-biogenic theory, shungite is a product of volcanic activity. At the same time, it has been proven that such volcanic activity is capable of generating carbon that is not associated with living matter. For example, the carbon of the Dar al-Ghani 476 meteorite from Mars contains such volcanic carbon.

But there is no unequivocal opinion on the origin of shungite. Wherein, scientists unequivocally agree that the carbon of shungite and the carbon of meteorites are the same.

Is shungite carbon 60?

To be more precise this mineral is not fullerene c60. These molecules have been found in a unique form of carbon. This carbon is one of the main components of shungite. Black stone classic shungite contains about 30% carbon. Elite silver shungite is an almost pure form of carbon that is about 98%. Fullerenes in this carbon have been found in relatively small amounts. Yet it is the only natural material in nature where it has been found.
In addition, this shungite FAQ is so popular that we have devoted an entire article – “Shungite fullerene” to it in order to answer this question most fully.

What is shungite good for?

In the course of scientific research worldwide have been identified several unique benefits of this rare mineral. Here are the most significant and unusual of them. First, this rare stone has antibacterial and sorption properties. Second, it is capable of absorbing high frequency electromagnetic waves.shungite properties

Types of shungite?

This shungite FAQ is also no less important and popular than other. Indeed, shungite mineral has several types. There are two main and most well-known forms of this rare mineral. This is classic shungite. It most often sounds like a simple-shungite without Supplement – classic. It is also called black shungite, shungite of the third type, Zazhoginsky shungite, regular shungite. This stone has a black color and looks like coal. It is this type that has become the object of worldwide scientific research.
The second type is elite shungite. Elite shungite is also called noble shungite, elite shungite of the first type, brilliant shungite. Addition – elite is also not entirely appropriate in this case. This addition is Philistine in nature but not scientific. When we say elite we mean pure. This mineral has a smooth silvery surface and reflects light.
The difference between elite shungite and classic

What is black shungite?

This stone has a black color and is similar to coal. Contains about 30% unique carbon. Various products (pendants, pyramids, spheres, etc.) are made of this black stone of the third type.

What is elite silver shungite?

This is an extremely rare mineral. It contains about 98% unique amorphous carbon.
Elite shungite (shungite of the first type) from Karelia, Russia belongs to the genetic class of higher anthraxolites of the Precambrian period (more than 2 billion years old). This shungite has the highest degree of metamorphism, it conducts electricity and is diamagnetic. The conductivity of real elite shungite is 4762 Sim/m Does not dissolve in organic solvents and chloroform, does not decompose, does not melt. When heated, it does not give liquid products, it cracks.
The color of elite shungite is black, the color of the stroke is black, the fracture is conchoidal, it has a metallic or diamond luster. The reflection coefficient of light is 3.5-10,58 %. In this connection, in the light it looks silvery. Its specific gravity is 1.7-2.1 g/cm3. Hardness on the Mohs scale from 2-3 to 4.5. Carbon content 96-99%, hydrogen content about 1%. The composition contains heteroelements (N, S, O).
The chemical composition and geological studies of elite shungite from Karelia are available in this section.
Samples of genuine elite shungite from Karelia are available in our section in the form of small or very rare large specimens.what is silver elite shungite?

What is elite noble shungite?

Elite noble shungite is the same silver shungite. It is a mineral whose chemical composition is 98% pure unique form of carbon. The definition – “noble” is nothing more than a marketing ploy. In official scientific research, the term “noble” as well as “elite” is absent.

What is shungite used for?

Currently, this rare stone is widely used in various fields of science and medicine. It is used for complex treatment of people from various diseases. In addition, it is actively used to create shielding objects to protect against electromagnetic waves of different nature. This shungite FAQ deserves special attention and we have also written a detailed article about it. In this article you will learn more about how to use shungite. ←(click here)

What is elite shungite used for?

This mineral is used to saturate water with minerals and fullerenes.

Where can I find shungite?

In our online store you will find more than 150 different products made of genuine Shungite. We will deliver your order by airmail for example from Karelia. Also, in connection with global changes in the world that affect all of us, we are constantly improving our work. Therefore, we have optimized our stocks of shungite products in order to become geographically closer to our customers.

What does shungite look like?

The untreated stone in nature has a rich black color. It looks like coal. If you take such a piece in your hand, it is sure to stain your hand. This is a dust, which is necessarily present on the surface of raw shungite. On the surface of this stone also necessarily present inclusions of pyrite and quartz. These are two minerals that are part of the chemical composition of the rare stone.raw karelian black rocks shungite

What does elite shungite look like?

The raw pieces have a light gray color and look like glass. This surface reflects light if you turn it to the light at a certain angle. This surface is smooth (not rough) and pleasant to the touch.real elite shungite

What is the difference between shungite and elite shungite?

Shungite and elite shungite the main difference is the content of a unique form of carbon in their chemical composition. The chemical composition of classical shungite of the third type is about 30% of the unique form of carbon. This third type has a black color, it does not shine by itself, it is matte. However, if it is polished, it will have a good shine.
Elite shungite is 98% pure carbon. It has a black color, but in the light it has a light gray color, because its surface perfectly reflects light. Its surface is very smooth, mirror-like.
Elite shungite is an extremely rare mineral whose reserves are completely exhausted. Classic shungite has relatively large reserves which also tend to zero.

Does shungite consist entirely of fullerenes?

It must be understood that the unique form of carbon is not fullerenes. If the elite shungite contains 98% of the unique form of carbon it does not mean that its chemical composition is 98% pure fullerene. fullerenes are molecules that have been found in small amounts in the chemical structure of this unique carbon. Based on these data it can be concluded that the greater the percentage of carbon in shungite the higher the percentage of fullerenes.

What is the best shungite to buy?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Classic shungite has become the object of formal research. Shungite mineral properties is officially recommended for use in water treatment systems and applications as a shielding material from electromagnetic radiation. Elite shungite is an extremely rare mineral that exists in nature in single copies. Basically, this mineral is used to saturate water with minerals and fullerenes. Also, this mineral is valuable for collectors as one of the rarest minerals on earth.

Is it safe to wear shungite?

Yes, of course, pendants or necklaces made of Shungite stone and elite shungite are safe to wear on the human body. In addition, such products with a shungite mineral properties are recommended for protection against EMR geopathic natural phenomena.

Is shungite a crystal?

The most true statement is that shungite is a mineral. Because its atoms and molecules are not geometrically correct ordered arrangement of its constituent particles.

Is shungite a meteorite?

There are scientific assumptions this rare stone could get to the earth from space. The fact is that the structure of the unique carbon in the composition of shungite stone is very similar to the carbon structure of the alland meteorite.carbon c60 fullerenes

Is shungite a gemstone?

No, this stone is not a gemstone. However, this rare mineral can be called one of the most amazing rocks of our planet.

Is shungite a type of coal?

No, it is not a type of coal. However, this mineral looks very similar to coal. He also gets his hands dirty.
We were forced to include this shungite FAQ in our list because many of our customers received coal as a fake of shungite. This is the result of buying from unscrupulous sellers or stores.

Can Shungite be harmful?

In the chemical composition of shungite mineral were not found substances that can harm humans. It should be understood that any substance or material can harm a person if it is not used for its intended purpose.

Is Shungite helpful?

Yes, indeed, this rare amazing mineral is recommended to used to treat humans in various medical fields. Learn more about the helpful stone.

Is shungite mineral properties magnetic?

No, it is not a magnetic material. If you bring a piece of this mineral to the strongest magnet, it will not magnetic. But the shungite mineral properties are such that it is diamagnetic. That’s why, shungite powder has extremely small dimensions. It’s like dust. Therefore, shungite powder will be magnetic to some extent. This is also due to the fact that there is a sufficient amount of Pyrite in the chemical composition. This mineral is nothing but iron. Therefore, small particles of shungite powder will have magnetic properties. It is ok.

Shungite magnetic properties

This shungite FAQ is gaining a lot of popularity. This is due to the fact that many shungite fakes have appeared on the market.
Shungites and maksovites are diamagnetic due to the diamagnetism of the shungite substance. As a result, shungites as a rock are usually diamagnetic.
Diamagnets are substances that magnetize against the direction of an external magnetic field.
Also, in some cases, the magnetic susceptibility of shungite increases if sulfides are present in the composition. The natural sulfides are sulphurous compounds of metals and some non-metals. And the chemical elements metals have pronounced magnetic properties.
At the same time, the magnetic properties begin to manifest when shungite is ground into a fine powder. The magnetic properties of shungite in this case are explained by the content and presence of sulfides in the chemical composition of shungite.
A local increase in magnetic susceptibility is usually observed in the immediate vicinity of gabbro-dolerite sills and basalt covers. These rock formations may lie in the immediate vicinity of shungite deposits. But these circumstances do not mean that you can attract a piece of shungite with a magnet.
Therefore, shungite powder can have weakly expressed magnetic properties because large layers of rocks are used for the manufacture of shungite powder, which may contain more sulfides.

Is shungite mineral properties radioactive?

No, this rare stone does not belong to radioactive minerals.

Is shungite toxic?

No toxic substances were found in the chemical composition of the shungite mineral properties. In addition, shungite stone is approved in Russia for use in drinking water treatment systems, as well as in swimming pools and other public areas. It is a safe mineral for humans, animals and plants.
This shungite FAQ also deserves attention because many people drink shungite water and also add shungite powder as a mineral supplement.

Is shungite safe?

Yes, this shungite mineral properties is considered safe and it used in many areas. In addition it has official recommendations for water purification in Central water supply systems. In the chemical composition of this rare mineral are not found any substances that can have harmful effects on humans.

Is shungite expensive?

It is a relatively expensive mineral because it is extremely rare. The most expensive is the elite shungite. The cost of such a mineral determining for 1 grams. If you see low prices, it is probably shungite-containing rocks or a fake that have only an external resemblance to elite shungite.

Is shungite a quartz?

Shungite stone contains quartz, to a greater extent it is present in the black variety of shungite. This shungite is called shungite of the third type, Zazhoginsky shungite. Quartz is present in the molecular structure of shungite in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The amount of silicon dioxide in shungite of the third type can reach approximately 30-60%. Therefore, black shungite products may have traces of quartz and pyrite on their surface. After all, this is the natural structure of shungite.

At the same time, in the rarest type of shungite of the first type, quartz is absent inside the molecular structure. But elite shungite microcracks may contain quartz inclusions. Since the age of elite shungite is estimated at about 2 billion years, after its formation, microcracks also formed in it. The mineral quartz, as well as pyrite, got into these microcracks.Minerals of quartz and pyrite in the composition of shungitereal elite shungite from karelia deposit shunga

Shungite is a stone?

If we are talking about a simple (classical, of the third type) form of this mineral, it would be fair to call it a stone. Its chemical composition is not at all homogeneous. But there is no mistake in calling it a mineral. Elite Shungite is correctly called a mineral. It has a uniform chemical composition and consists of 98% carbon. After all, shungites from Karelia differ in the amount of carbon content.

Is shungite black tourmaline?

No, Shungite has nothing to do with tourmaline. Tourmaline is a mineral from the group of boron-containing aluminosilicates.

Is shungite better polished or unpolished?

The polished surface of the stone has a rich black color. This surface reflects light and is smooth to the touch. Unpolished shungite surface, has a rough surface can stain hands. On such a surface the veins of pyrite and Quartzite are clearly distinguishable and visible. The type of surface does not affect the ability of shungite in the field of EMF protection. However, for water purification it is better to use untreated (unpolished) shungite.Pyramid surface treatment options

Does shungite block emf?

Yes, this fact is scientifically proven and has many confirmations and experiments in this area.

Does shungite burn?

It’s an extremely difficult combustible material. Shungite mineral can burn only at extremely high temperatures. It has nothing to do with the burning temperature of coal.

Does shungite conduct electricity?

Yes, this rare rock one of the few natural minerals that have the ability to conduct electric current. Many sellers take advantage of this fact and sell fakes that conduct electric current, but are not shungite. For example, this mineral – Hematite and others.
However, it is quite difficult to fake elite shungite. Elite shungite is also called shungite of the first type, brilliant, so it looks silvery in the light. After all, authentic elite shungite conducts electricity well and is a semiconductor. The conductivity of elite shungite is 4762 Sim/m. Also, elite shungite has resistance to electric current equal to 2,18 ∙ 10-4 Om∙m, that is value tends to zero.

Does shungite contain lead?

The chemical composition of black stone shungite is extremely diverse. The main chemical element of shungite is carbon and sulfur dioxide, including complex silicates. The lead content in shungite is negligible and is less than 0.02%. In our section on chemical constituents, you can find even more answers to shungite FAQ about the content of chemical elements in various types of shungite.

Can shungite purify water?

Yes, the mineral properties shungite in the field of water purification and disinfection are a scientifically proven phenomenon. In addition, this rare mineral is officially recommended for this purpose.

Can shungite get wet?

Yes, black shungite can get wet and absorb some water. But elite shungite does not absorb water and becomes dry immediately after you wipe it with a napkin. Black shungite takes time to be completely dry, until all moisture evaporates from it.

Can shungite rust?

This is one of the most important shungite FAQ among our readers. Because this natural phenomenon does not have a completely pleasant appearance.
Yes, on the black or shungite in the water may appear rust, if the water is not changed for new a long time. Also if shungite was in contact with air and water (for example, was half in water). The fact that the air oxidation of the mineral Pyrite, which has a Golden color. It is this mineral that can give traces of rust. Also on the surface of the elite (silver) shungite, there may be small inclusions of rust, which can be removed with a hard brush.

Does shungite dissolve in water?

No, shungite mineral will not get wet in water. But it is able to accumulate harmful impurities from the water over time.

Does shungite need to be charged?

The stone can be used without any additional actions. Perhaps just wash the shungite stones in running water to wash away the shungite dust, which can make the water black.

Does shungite need to be cleaned?

It is recommended to wash new stones in water to remove dust. Yes, you can clean the stones with a clean toothbrush once every two weeks. If the stones are small enough to wash them in water and RUB against each other.

Does shungite need to be replaced?

Yes, black shungite stones are recommended to be changed once in three months. Shungite mineral properties do not allow this mineral to have an unlimited service life. But this statement will be true only if shungite is used for water treatment. The fact is that over time, it is absorbs harmful impurities from the water and accumulates them like a sponge. Elite shungite stones are recommended to be changed once a year.
Besides, if you use shungite mineral properties as a protection against EMF, then in this case shungite black stone has no expiration date. In this case, the shungite stone does not need to be replaced with a new one over time.

How to buy shungite?

This is not the most popular shungite FAQ but still we will share with you the answer to this question. Perhaps you are interested in this unique and amazing rare mineral. In our online shungite store you will find only genuine authentic shungite stones, as well as various items from this rare mineral. Just add the items you need to the cart and complete your purchase. We deliver our goods all over the world.

Is your shungite certified?

Our store, like ourselves, comes from the capital of the Republic of Karelia – from the city of Petrozavodsk, Russia, so we guarantee the authenticity of our products. It is in the Republic of Karelia that the unique shungite stone is mined. Shungite stone is a safe mineral and is not subject to mandatory certification in Russia. However, we have carried out all the necessary research and certification of our shungite products.