The place of the real shungite

Hello, you are probably looking for where to buy real shungite. You are on the website of this little c60 store of genuine Russian black stone type 3 and silver color stone type 1. All our products are manufactured exclusively at the deposit in Russia. This is the Northwestern region of Russia, which is on the border with Finland.

Real Shungite from Russia
Real Shungite from Russia

We have optimized our logistics processes to deliver our real shungite to all countries. For example, our transit warehouses in the USA and Europe allow us to provide our goods in 1-3 days. Our customers do not have to wait 30 or 90 days for their goods to be delivered by sea from Russia across the Ocean to the USA, Canada, or Australia. And our customers from Europe do not need to expect a long ground delivery from 14 to 35 days or longer.

A little from the author

My name is Eugene, and I am the founder of this small online store. I was born in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, and I have long been interested in Russian rocks. However, one of the most notable minerals for me was Russian Real Shungite. We have studied the unusual properties of this unique black Russian stone for a long time. Our team has done a lot of laboratory studies of the Russian stone at our Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk. It is the capital of our region, the Republic of Karelia.

In this article, I will introduce ourselves and provide a comprehensive guide to finding and purchasing real black and silver C60 stones from Russia, ensuring a rewarding and essential experience.

The popularity of black rare stone from Russia

With the increasing popularity of the black stone and its remarkable benefits, many individuals are eager to explore where to buy real Shungite. As a unique mineral originating from the Karelia region in Russia, authentic black Russian stone is highly valued for its potent healing properties and EMF protection capabilities. However, the rising demand for the Russian black stone has led to the emergence of various sellers and suppliers, making it essential for consumers to discern between genuine sources and imitations.

Where are we and where do we trade shungite from
Karelia on the world map (a region in northwestern Russia) near Europe.

The Republic of Karelia is an ecologically clean region with endless forests, rivers, and freshwater lakes. In addition, Karelia is one of the wealthiest regions regarding rock diversity.

Karelian waterfall Kivach - the second highest in Europe.
Karelian landmark – Kivach waterfall (Kondopoga city).

Geological Formation of the Russian Rock

The geological formation of the black mineral can be traced back millions of years, making it one of the oldest minerals on Earth. The Karelian black stone is primarily composed of carbon, with unique molecular structures known as fullerenes.

Around two billion years ago, an ancient sea covered parts of the Karelia region. Over time, organic matter, such as algae and plants, accumulated at the bottom of the ocean and underwent diagenesis. During diagenesis, the organic matter was subjected to immense heat and pressure, transforming organic carbon into a dense, compact form of carbon known as graphite.

As the Earth’s tectonic forces shifted and folded the Earth’s crust, the graphite-rich deposits underwent further geological changes. High pressure and temperatures led to the formation of Shungite, a rare and unique form of carbon with fullerenes—hollow, cage-like structures composed of carbon atoms.

Where is shungite rock extracted?

Genuine black rock is only available in this region of Russia, the Republic of Karelia. Meanwhile, the Karelian mineral got its world-famous name in honor of the Karelian village of Shun’ga, where its brilliant variety was discovered.

The heart of Russian c60 rock extraction lies in the mining operations carried out in the Republic of Karelia. The mining process involves carefully extracting carbon-bearing rock from the Earth’s crust. Because the rare stone is found in specific areas of Karelia, mining is conducted in select locations where the mineral-rich deposits are concentrated.

Modern mining techniques, including drilling and blasting, extract the carbon-bearing rock. Large machinery and equipment remove the rock from the ground. The extracted Russian carbon-bearing rock is then transported to processing facilities for refinement.

Environmental Considerations

As with any mining operation, environmental considerations exist when extracting the black Karelian stone from the Earth. Responsible mining practices strive to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and ecosystems. After mining operations are completed, efforts are made to restore the landscape, ensuring that Karelia’s natural beauty is preserved.

Where is shungite mined?

In the photos below, you can see the real deposit of the shungite rock. In these photos, the deposit seems enormous. But this natural Karelian stone deposit is tiny relative to the size of other mountain deposits of other rocks. In addition, this is precisely the stone deposit where scientific research was carried out.

Stages of extraction and production

To get the final result in the form of black stone products, such as cups, tiles, cubes, tumbled stones, etc., we do a lot of time-consuming work. First, choosing the highest-quality large samples (blanks) for future products is necessary. The fact is that not all Russian black stones are suitable for the manufacture of souvenirs.

Secondly, it is necessary to deliver these enormous pieces of raw, real shungite to the warehouse for sawing. Thirdly, smooth geometric blanks that will become the raw material for the direct manufacture of products must be made and cut out.

We control this whole process and strive to produce our products of the best quality.

Industrial Mining of shungite stone at the Zazhoginskoe deposit
Industrial Mining of shungite mineral at the Zazhoginskoe deposit

Is it a Rare Stone?

Even in the Republic of Karelia, many locals are unaware of the existence of the EMF protection rock. This rare and fantastic mineral is on the verge of extinction as its reserves are available only in Karelia. These stocks are rapidly decreasing. For example, the field of elite type 1 silver stone in the village of Shunga was utterly exhausted during the USSR’s existence in the 1980s.

In this article, you can learn more about this rare silver C60 mineral from Russia. Our small factory makes our products from solid pieces of genuine black Russian stone. If you buy real shungite from us, you’ll get it without any additional impurities. It is 100% natural Russian stone. Today, we want to share the opportunity to get this rare, authentic mineral C60 firsthand.

Different Shungite deposits minerals in karelia
Black stone has 30% carbon deposits, and elite silver stone is 98% in Karelia (Russia).

Firstly, all our products are the result of manual work. You’ll get a unique product made by hand rather than stamping made by machine. Secondly, we tried to make our store simple, convenient, and informative. In addition, we have taken care of the security of payments and all transactions on our website. We are partners with one of the largest companies, PayPal, which ensures the safety of purchases on the Internet.

Manual manufacturing of shungite products (pyramid).

Where to buy real Shungite?

Most people don’t know where to buy real shungite. We want to allow you to be sure that you get only genuine natural stones, which contains fullerenes c60, you get it from me directly without intermediaries from the heart of the Republic of Karelia. In our store, you will find classic raw stones for water, elite noble silver c60 stones, and various products made only from authentic Russian stone.

authentic shungite products
Black stone type 3 products include pyramids with polished and unpolished surfaces, elite raw silver, classic black rocks, and powder.

We produce souvenir products in various sizes and with different surface treatments: polished and unpolished. For example, we make pyramids with a base size of 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) to 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), spheres, phone plates, harmonizers for meditation, and more. We also manufacture unique-shaped pyramids and segmented folding pyramids.

different Shungite stone pyramids
Shungite pyramids in assortiment

We also make unique, high-quality engraved pendants and amulets with different designs. We can also make an individual engraving on any of our products.

various products made of shungite stone with engraving
Various black stone products: amulets, pyramids, and spheres with engraving Flower of Life from Karelia (Russia).

Voluntary certificate of conformity

Authentic Karelian black stone must accompanied by official certificates of authenticity or lab reports verifying its origin and composition. These documents prove that the Russian stone is genuine and not an imitation.

If the seller cannot provide an Official Certificate of an established state standard, there is a very high risk of getting a fake. Let me draw your attention to the phrase – Official Certificate. The fact is that many unscrupulous sellers use certificates that they have printed on their home printers. Unambiguously, such certificates have no power other than the power of persuasion on the part of such sellers.

Thus, the presence of a certificate is a significant guarantee when you want to buy a real shungite.

Certification: When You Buy Real Shungite

Please note that a Shungite rock is not a product subject to mandatory certification in the Russian Federation. Therefore, many unscrupulous sellers from other cities in Russia or other Countries sell carbon-containing rocks under the guise of genuine Russian stone.

Russian rock is not a product subject to mandatory certification on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is because Karelian stone is recognized as absolutely safe for healthy people.

However, this does not mean that the stone cannot be certified. We want to give our customers simple verbal or written promises or guarantees and provide official confirmation of the authenticity of our products. We have received an official certificate of compliance with the state standard of the Russian Federation on the voluntary certification. Thus, if you buy real shungite in our store, you get an official guarantee of authenticity at the state level. No fakes! This certificate is shown below.

certificate for for the enterprise individual entrepreneur
Certificate for producing products made of real shungite from the Zazhoginskoe deposit.
voluntary product certificate
Certificate for producing products made of real shungite from the Zazhoginskoe deposit.

Buying real shungite from Unscrupulous Sellers

Many sellers from different countries worldwide attach only a certificate of state registration of a small enterprise but not a certificate of conformity (quality) of their products. Unscrupulous sellers talk about where you can buy a real shungite stone while they sell fake ones. Often, such sellers are conscientiously mistaken because they are resellers and do not correctly identify their minerals.

Our company, “Shungite-с60,” focuses on long-term cooperation with our regular customers and is ready to offer them the best quality and guarantee the authenticity of each of our products. You can order a small product batch for a sample to decide on larger orders with our small factory. In this article, you can learn more about the certification of the Russian black stone.

Test reports at the Institute of Geology of the Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences)

real shungite elite stone
Elite silver stone (98% carbon, type 1)

Our company is Karelian, based in the Karelia region (Russia). In the village of Shunga, here is the world’s only elite stone type 1 deposit. We are also in constant contact with geologists, so we guarantee the authenticity of our samples. In addition, to give more guarantees of authenticity, we analyzed our stones type 1 at the Institute of Geology in Petrozavodsk.

Thus, the test results confirm that our elite stones are 98% unique carbon. The remaining 2% is a variety of chemical elements from the periodic table. Here is a list of these chemical elements identified in the silver c60 Russian mineral analysis by x-ray fluorescence method in special laboratory conditions. We made measurements of samples of elite stones at the Institute of Geology of the Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences), the city of Petrozavodsk.

Geological studies of the black classic Russian rock and its powder from the Zazhoginskoe deposit

shungite russia black stone and powder from the Zazhoginskoye deposit
The black stone type 3 and powder.

In addition, we received a certificate of voluntary compliance for our products. We also examined samples of the initial raw stone materials from the Zazhoginskoye deposit at the same Geological Institute of Karelia to identify the original composition of the black stones and the black stone powder.

As expected, the samples of the black stones from the Zazhoginskoe deposit contain 32.49% carbon (in Russian in the table; this is indicated by the Russian letters П.П.П) to 32.21% for shungite powder. The stone generally has an almost constant chemical and elemental composition for the deposit. Wherein as you can see from the test results, the numbers may vary slightly within the entire Karelia stone deposit.

Petrovsky Stone Type 2

unique carbon shungite type 2
The stone type 2 (or Petrovsky shungite).

Finally, we examined samples of grey matte stones from the Shunga deposit, known as Petrovsky or stones type 2. We also did this at the same Geological Institute of Karelia.

As expected, the samples of the type 2 stones from the Shun’ga deposit contain 65.93% carbon (in Russian, in the table, this is indicated by the Russian letters П.П.П). This means the studied sample of stones belongs to type 2 (Petrovsky). At the same time, the numbers may vary within the entire stone deposit. The Type 2 stones include an instance with a 35-70% carbon content.

Learn more about the different types of Russian Karelian Rock in this article.

What rocks are similar to Karelian Rock?

The Russian black stone is a scarce mineral, so often, many fakes exist. Such fakes are made of Shungite-containing or other rocks and do not have the unique carbon and fullerenes C60, which are very similar to real Shungite. After all, the black Russian stone is a unique and, at the same time, scarce mineral.

But many minerals look like the Russian rocks type 1 and type 3. Above all, the global Internet is increasingly beginning to mention the mineral “Hematite.” This mineral is very similar in appearance. In addition, it also conducts electric current like the stones from Russia. Therefore, the conductivity test loses its relevance and its status as the most correct and accurate way to verify authenticity.


Many people want to find and buy real shungite but do not suspect they will eventually get Hematite.

Hematite is described as a unique, helpful, and magical mineral in some open sources. However, I have not found any scientifically proven information about this or scientific research in this area. In other words, it’s just one of the types of iron included in the General list—iron ore. This mineral is used in industries such as smelting iron. Hematite is not a rare rock. Because its deposits are worldwide, it is more accessible to make products that are provided as genuine Russian stones.

Fakes of type 1 stones

In addition, unscrupulous sellers trying to pass off natural asphaltene Gilsonite under the guise of elite silver stone type 1 have recently appeared. At the same time, they came up with a story about a non-existent mineral, which consists of several words: “This specimen was found in Colombia.” Thus, they are trying to pass asphalt off as the Russian stone c60 type 1.

After all, the glory of the unique Russian mineral attracts the attention of many scammers. However, an informed buyer knows only real Russian stone type 1 conducts electricity. Conversely, these fakes do not conduct electricity.
Therefore, if you buy stones from our Karelian c60 store, you will know exactly where to purchase real shungite.

Buy Real Shungite Directly from Karelia

At sunset, the barrier of Petrozavodsk (the capital of the Republic of Karelia) features a granite pyramid monument.

Remember that the answer to where to buy real shungite is a safe purchase from a manufacturer in Karelia. We deliver worldwide according to shipping rules and guarantee the high-quality packaging of fragile products.

Also, in connection with global changes that affect all of us, we are constantly improving our work. Therefore, we have optimized our stocks of real products to become geographically closer to our customers.

Summing up

Finding to buy real shungite can be a more difficult task than it seems at first glance. Currently, the market is full of fakes of this rare mineral because its place of extraction is limited to a single place. In this article, I have tried to reveal the most essential aspects when you are in search of a real Russian stone. Finally, you have the information and knowledge and a better idea of how to choose and search for authentic minerals.

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Now you know the answer to the question – where to buy real shungite.

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