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Where to buy real shungite? Hello. My name is Eugene. I founded this small Shungite store ←(click here) and tried to make it as simple and convenient as possible.  I was born and live in the Republic of Karelia. This is the North-Western region of Russia, which is on the border with Finland. Republic of Karelia is an ecologically clean region there are endless forests, rivers and lakes with clean fresh water.

Genuine Shungite is only available in this region. For more than two years I have been studying this unique stone. I personally take part in the production, processing and manufacture of these products from Shungite. All products in our store are handicrafts. Each our product is made from a single piece of 100% genuine Shungite stone. 

Where to buy real Shungite?

shungite russia

Shungite russia is a very rare mineral so often there are many fakes. Such fakes are made of Shungite-containing rocks and do not have the unique carbon and fullerenes C60, but which are very similar to real Shungite. Shungite is an amazing and at the same time very rare mineral. In this regard, the market is full of fakes of this unique mineral. 

Please note, that on the territory of the Russian Federation, a Shungite is not a product that is subject to mandatory certification. Therefore, many unscrupulous sellers from other cities of Russia or other Countries sell Shungite-containing rocks under the guise of genuine.

In addition, in the global Internet is increasingly beginning to mention about mineral – “Hematite”. This mineral is very similar to Shungite. Most importantly, this mineral also conducts electric current as Shungite. In some open sources Hematite is described as an amazing healing and magical mineral. I have not been able to find any scientifically proven information about this or scientific research in this area. Hematite – it’s just one of the types of iron, which is included in the General list – iron ore. This mineral is used in industry for example for smelting iron. This mineral is not rare and its deposits are all over the world, which makes it more accessible for products that are given for genuine Shungite.

Most people don’t know where to buy real shungite. I want to give you the opportunity to be sure that you get only real Shungite, which contains fullerenes c60, you get it from me directly without intermediaries from the heart of the Republic of Karelia. In our store you will find classic raw shungite, elite noble shungite, as well as various products made only from authenticity shungite stone. Learn more about Shungite.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the work or design of this store, please email me and I will add a gift to your order as a token of my appreciation. If you have any questions, please contact us and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. All shungite products you will find in our shungite store.