Shungite zodiac necklaces

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This shungite zodiac necklaces is made from a single piece of rare natural shungite stone. Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. Shungite has the ability to absorb and emf protection. In addition, it helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena. The picture on a shungite necklace zodiac is applied by engraving. This pattern will not be erased and will be visible for a very long time. Shungite zodiac amulets awith engraved and pendants in our store are unique and nonrepeating. In addition, each of this amulet made by hand.
Shungite zodiac necklace is a natural or man-made object designed to protect people from harm and misfortune. Moreover, each shungite zodiac pendant has its own energy.

Shungite zodiac sign

What zodiac sign is shungite suitable for? The fact is that a powerful shungite stone carries life itself, so its energy will be in tune with a person with any zodiac sign.

What can a shungite zodiac sign bring to its owner? In this case, the pendant performs not only the functions of a stylish accessory, but also the role of an amulet, which has a huge impact on the fate of the person wearing it. At all times, people have worn talismans with one purpose – to protect against evil forces and attract good energy.

Why is astrology able to predict?

The point is that astrology studies cycles. After all, in nature everything develops cyclically. For example, the life cycle is the development of any organism that goes from birth to death through youth, maturity and aging. In inanimate nature, an example is stars passing through the same phases of their life cycle. These include the daily cycle (morning, day, evening, night), the annual cycle (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and others.

In this case, astrology symbolically likens the same phases of various cyclic processes. For example, at the moment a person is born, there is a certain position of the planets in the sky. The planets continue their path in time, change their relative position according to the laws of Nature. Therefore, astrological forecasting is based on the fact that the future positions of the planets are known in advance. That is, a person living in sync with their cycles will experience such cyclical changes. That is, astrology studies the cycles of living and inanimate nature and therefore is able to predict.

Zodiac sign

Everyone knows that an important part of astrology is the zodiac. After all, every person has their own zodiac sign. Moreover, each sign is historically associated with an animal or mythological character. In turn, they reflect the deep essence of the archetype of the corresponding sign. Indeed, in Astrology there are no random names, they are all closely related to myths that describe the archetypes of astrological symbols. However, we all know that people of the same sign are often very different from each other in character and destiny. Archetypes are subdivisions of types within a sign. From what archetype a person belongs, his character and behavior, his system of values ​​and priorities largely depend.

Features of the production zodiac necklaces

We make each shungite pendant zodiac  from monolithic piece of real shungite stone, whose age is more than two billion years. This is one of the rarest and most unusual minerals on earth, it has the ability to absorb and protect against EMF. In addition, it helps to combat geopathogenic phenomena.
To a small extent, the black rock includes quartz and pyrite. They give the surface of finished goods a unique pattern with their white and gold colors. Sometimes there are small voids in the structure of these neighboring rocks. They look like very little dimples in quartz and pyrite stripes on shungite.

We use only natural shungite stone in production, so we cannot perfectly smooth the surface. And on the shungite zodiac amulets there are minor traces of machining.
Of course, someone makes perfectly smooth pendants, but only from some synthetic material. To do this, they simply fill in the form of epoxy resin, plastics and other polymers.
But our craftsmen carve products by hand from solid raw rock, and then polish from all sides. In the photographs, you may notice slight irregularities at the edges that appear as a result of physical cutting of the stone.

The master then polishes these tiny cuts while working on the entire workpiece. As a result, we get an organic shape of an shungite necklace on stone made of rare rock.
An shungite zodiac amulet made of true shungite will help to be in harmony with your body and spirit, to find inner unity.