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Engraved Amulets and Pendants

Shungite engraved amulets for protection and pendants in our store are unique and nonrepeating. In addition, each of this amulet made by hand from a single piece of the natural Russian stone.

Amulet is a natural or man-made object designed to protect people from harm and misfortune. Moreover, each amulet has its own energy.

Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. The Russian stone has the ability to absorb and emf protection. In addition, it helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena. Drawing “Flower of life” “Tree of life” and other are applied by engraving. This drawing is wear-resistant. Each shungite engraved amulets has a unique additional pattern in the form of inclusions of Pyrite and Quartz (Quartzite). Pyrite has a Golden color. Quartz has a whitish color. These two minerals are an integral part of the present black stone, these are not scratches. As a result each amulet is unique and has no repetitions.

Amulet or Talisman means a magical object with applied esoteric formulas, diagrams or symbols.
Charms, amulet necklace, talismans – a powerful ancient force used by shamans and magicians around the world. Every culture has its own talismans and amulets for protection.

Amulet meaning

Since prehistoric times, people used amulet necklace and talismans, bringing good luck in business, home protection, reliable protection from misfortune, disease, damage, evil eye, evil spirits.
For order to influence singled you Russian stone pendant materializing in full least, need provide his prolonged contact with the body this the best way to absorb energy of this shungite engraved amulet.

Pendants, amulets and talismans are made of different materials. The most powerful are the charms made of natural “live” material. For example, minerals, crystals or wood. They are worn around the neck or around the hand, placed over the entrance to the house or hidden in special places.

Amulets for Protection

Our amulets for protection and pendants are made of 100% natural stone without any impurities or foreign additives. In order for the amulet of stone had the power of protection, each of its sides must be made by hand.

The power of the shungite engraved amulet can also be enhanced if engraved on it for specific words or pictures. If on it dealt any image of the, then he a talisman from stone acts within energy this symbol of. Before you purchase engraved curtiosy amulet should clearly set a goal, identify to whom and from whom you want to protect.

Protection “from everything” usually works poorly. A hand-made talisman, subsequently cleaned and worn, will be a faithful helper and friend, and this help can be invaluable.

How to clean and charged amulet

Normally, if shungite engraved amulet changes its color or darkens – this is the result of his work with Your energy. In this case, it must be cleaned and charged. Energy purification is a fairly simple procedure and you can use one of the methods described below:
First of all, you can leave the shungite engraved amulet for a few hours under the sun and the moon, so that it is charged with nature, imbued with their strength and energy. Secondly you can lower the pendant into the river and hold him there for a few minutes.

In another case, you can substitute it under a stream of warm water from the tap for a few minutes. During cleansing stone pendant you must mentally represent, that you “erase your” negative energy with amulet, and during recharging amulet you represent as amulet “is filled with” appropriate vigor with Seats Forces or from Elements of Nature.

Please note that Russian stone pendants made of black stone type 3 can become more dull, this is normal, see here for more details about wearing.

In conclusion. I would like to note, that all our Shungite engraved amulets and other pendants made by hand. Therefore, the size and weight of each product may vary slightly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.