What You Need to Know About Certified Shungite: How to Ensure You’re Getting the Real Thing

Shungite is a unique mineral that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its purported health and wellness benefits. However, with the rise in demand for EMF Protection products, there has also been an increase in the number of fake or low-quality c60 stone being sold. To ensure that you’re getting the real thing, it’s important to look for certified shungite. In this article, we’ll explore what certified shungite is, how it’s tested, and how to ensure that you’re getting authentic, high-quality Karelian stone.

What Is Certified Shungite?

Certified shungite is stone that has been tested and certified by a third-party laboratory to ensure that it meets certain standards of quality and authenticity. There are several organizations that offer certification for shungite, including the Russian Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Petrozavodsk, Karelian Geology Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Certified shungite is typically labeled as Type I (carbon about 98%), Type II (carbon about 60%), or classic Type III (carbon about 32%). It is the third type of black stone that has become the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of EMF protection and water treatment.

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What types of certificates are there?

There are two main types of certificates in Russia. This is a mandatory certificate and a voluntary certificate. A mandatory certificate is required for all products that are included in the unified list of products that are subject to mandatory certification. Such goods cannot be sold on the market without obtaining such a permit. On the contrary, if a product or product is not on this list, then such a product can be sold without a certificate. But the seller or the company can still make a voluntary certificate for such products in order to raise the level of confidence in their products.
We also want to draw your attention to the fact, that many sellers provide their personal certificate for shungite. It’s just a beautifully designed piece of cardboard with the details of this seller. Such beautiful pictures can be made at any home using Photoshop.

Does Shungite require certification?

No, it is not included in the Russian list of goods that are subject to mandatory certification. This is due to the fact that Russian EMF protection stone is a product that is safe for humans, animals and nature. That is why many sellers do not have similar shungite certificates. There may be several reasons for this. These sellers are not selling genuine real Karelian stone but the rock content (carbon content less than 28%). It is not an authentic Russian stone, but very similar to it. In addition, these rocks can also conduct electric current. There are such mining deposits in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Canada and other countries.

Does your store have a certificate?

Yes, we have a voluntary certificate of conformity and quality for all our products. This certificate is state-issued and registered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Russian Federation. In addition, we have the results of laboratory analyses of our shungite stone, which we received at our Institute of Geology of the city of Petrozavodsk, Russian Academy of Sciences. You can view these results and also see the shungite certificate in this section.

Shungite certificate for for the enterprise individual entrepreneur
The certificate for the production of shungite products.

How Is it Tested?

Certified shungite is tested using a variety of methods to determine its quality and authenticity. One of the most important tests is the carbon content test, which measures the percentage of carbon in the stone. Authentic black mineral type I should have a carbon content of at least 98%, with black stone having a carbon content of 32%. Other tests may include tests for conductivity, magnetic properties, and antibacterial properties. The more carbon in Karelian EMF protction rock, the more fullerenes in its structure.

How to Ensure You’re Getting Authentic, High-Quality Product

To ensure that you’re getting authentic, high-quality Russian stone, there are several things you can look for. First, check for certified shungite from established sample of the Russian Federation. This will ensure that the stone has been tested and meets certain quality standards. Second, look for stone that has a high carbon content, as this is a good indicator of quality. Third, be wary of Karelian c60 vineral that is excessively cheap or claims to have unrealistically high levels of helpful properties, as these may be signs of low-quality or fake.

Certified Elite Shungite: rlaboratory studies

Our store с60 comes from Karelia and we had the opportunity to get samples of certified elite shungite directly from the place of origin of this rare mineral. This place is located near the Karelian village of Shunga.

The certified elite shungite (or noble 1 type) is much rarer than the classic black rock. After all, it contains more than 98% of the unique allotropic carbon and contains more fullerenes. At the same time, the elite silver mineral deposit itself is quite small and it is practically exhausted, so it is not used on an industrial scale. Also, no products in any form are ever produced from elite mineral type 1, since this mineral is scarce and cannot be processed due to its physical properties.

We sent samples of this mineral to a research center in the capital of Karelia, in Petrozavodsk. There, in the Analytical Center of the Institute of Geology “Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences” KarRC RAS, researchers conducted geochemical studies of this stone. They made a quantitative chemical analysis (QCA) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of the first type stone.

The results of the study in Russian can be viewed in this section. Also, the results of this X-ray fluorescence and chemical study of certified shungite of the first type (elite) are reflected in this certificate. Also this shungite certificate also contains information about the physical properties of the elite Russian mineral.

The quantitative chemical analysis (QCA) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of the first type shungite stone
The quantitative chemical analysis (QCA) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of the first type certified shungite.

Certified forgeries

There are deposits of this mineral in only one place – in Karelia, Russia. There are no similar deposits of Authentic Russian stones anywhere on Earth. And if someone claims that somewhere else on Earth, for example, in Colombia, was found elite shungite, then this is a lie. Since fake specimens do not have a confirmed chemical composition, and also do not have those physical characteristics that are inherent only in real Russian elite silver c60 stone.

Certified shungite, conclusion

Certified shungite is an important factor to consider when purchasing stone EMF protection products. By ensuring that you’re getting authentic, high-quality Karelian stone, you can ensure that you’re getting the full range of health and wellness benefits that Russian rock has to offer. Remember to look for certification from a reputable organization, check the carbon content, and be wary of unrealistically high claims or excessively low prices. With these tips in mind, you can make a more deliberate and balanced decision about buying an authentic stone from Karelia.