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Shungite powder for Sale

Probably, you are looking for a place where is shungite powder for sale. If this is indeed the case then you’ve come to the right place. You are on the page of our online store of Russian Shungite.

We offer to sale a pure shungite powder only. In addition, we offer other diverse goods made from this rare mineral. You can see more items on the main showcase the online store.

How we make it

We understand how important for our customers the quality of the products. In this regard, we use only best pieces of balck raw stones for manufacturing this product.

We do not add any additives or impurities in the manufacturing process of the shungite powder for sale. These are only whole natural pieces which are ground in special equipment. After multi-stage grinding process receives a very small fraction, looks like a dust.

Consequently, it is not difficult to mix this consistency with any form of liquid. In addition, it is possible to do even with Olive oil. The result is a homogeneous mass. We offer shungite powder for sale both for retail buyers and for customers who are interested in wholesale purchase.

Packing of Shungite Powder for sale in our Online Store

We have prepared for you several options for packaging. Each batch of powder is Packed in a plastic bag designed for food and has a plastic reusable latch. The price of each package with shungite powder for sale depends on the weight. The greater the weight of the package, the greater the discount for the final cost.

Guarantee the authenticity of shungite powder for sale in our store

In addition, we guarantee you that you will receive from us your order from Karelia without intermediaries from other countries or cities. This significantly reduces your risks not to get a fake.

For example a powder made of any black-containing rocks. Such rocks do not contain the allotropic form of carbon. Therefore, there are no fullerenes C60. It is fullerenes that are the main component that fills powder with unusual properties.

In addition, the overall chemical composition of other rocks is very different from the Russian rock type 3. But this factor does not prevent them from being similar in color and consistency to the shungitepowder for sale made of real natural black Russian stone.

How can I get Russian stone powder?

We have prepared all the conditions for the delivery of our goods to all countries of the world. Just choose the weight of the package and specify the quantity you need.

The price of tshungite powder for sale and delivery will be calculated automatically. Next, go to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.

You can read more about the rules of delivery in our section – shipping rules.

We made safe packaging, which ensures the safety of transportation and protection to the package. If you are interested in wholesale purchase of our Russian stone powder you can contact us through the feedback form.