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Tableware carved from natural stone

In today’s wellness-conscious world, many individuals are seeking ways to incorporate natural elements into their daily lives. Shungite tableware has emerged as a fascinating and functional choice, seamlessly blending elegance with wellness. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of Shungite tableware, exploring its unique properties, aesthetic appeal, and the potential benefits it brings to your dining experience.

Understanding Russian Black Rock

Shungite mineral is a rare and enigmatic mineraloid that is only found in the Karelia region of Russia. It has garnered attention worldwide for its unique carbon structure, known as fullerenes, which are hollow, cage-like molecules composed of carbon atoms. These fullerenes contribute to Russian stone’s remarkable properties, including its ability to purify water, neutralize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and support overall well-being.

The Appeal of Shungite Tableware

Shungite tableware encompasses a range of items, from serving platters and plates to coasters and cutlery. What sets these pieces apart is their infusion of the stone into the materials used for crafting tableware.

Here’s why Shungite tableware is gaining popularity:

  1. Wellness Benefits: is believed to possess a variety of wellness benefits, including the ability to purify water and protect against the potential harmful effects of EMFs. By using Shungite tableware, individuals aim to enhance their overall wellness while enjoying their meals.
  2. Elegance and Style: the stone tableware blends seamlessly with modern and traditional table settings. Its deep black color and unique patterns add a touch of sophistication to any dining experience.
  3. Conversation Starter: the stone tableware often becomes a topic of conversation among guests, sparking discussions about the mineral’s properties and potential benefits. This can lead to increased awareness of the stone’s unique qualities.

The Benefits of Shungite Tableware:

  • Water Purification: the black Russian stone has a long history of use in water purification. Placing the stones coasters or pitchers on your dining table can help improve the taste and quality of the water you consume during your meals.
  • EMF Protection: In our technology-driven world, exposure to EMFs from electronic devices is a growing concern. Shungite tableware, such as coasters, can help create a protective barrier against these potentially harmful frequencies, contributing to a more harmonious dining environment.
  • Enhanced Well-Being: Many individuals report feeling a sense of calm and balance when using Shungite tableware. This enhanced well-being can lead to a more enjoyable and mindful dining experience.

Incorporating Shungite Tableware into Your Dining Routine:

Use Coasters: Placing coasters under your drinking glasses or mugs is an easy way to infuse the benefits of the stone into your daily routine.

Plates: Consider using plates and cutlery for special occasions or as part of your everyday dining experience. These pieces not only offer potential wellness benefits but also elevate the visual appeal of your table settings.

Cups and shot glasses : use glasses or glasses made of Russian blackstone to give your water a unique freshness and purity. You just need to leave the water in a cup or shot glass for a few hours to get an excellent result.

Caring for Shungite Tableware

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your Shungite tableware, follow these care guidelines:

  • Hand Wash Only: Shungite tableware is best cleaned by hand using mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbers.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: may be sensitive to extreme temperatures, so avoid exposing your tableware to rapid changes in heat or cold.
  • Regular Cleansing: Like all Russian back c60 stone items, it’s beneficial to cleanse your tableware periodically. Rinse it under running water or place it in the moonlight to refresh its energy.

Elevating Your Dining Experience with Shungite Tableware

Shungite tableware represents a harmonious fusion of style and wellness. Whether you’re seeking the potential benefits of the Karelian stone, aiming to elevate your dining experience, or simply intrigued by its unique properties, incorporating Shungite tableware into your daily routine can be a rewarding choice.

As you dine in elegance and enjoy the potential wellness benefits of the Russian stone, you’ll discover that Shungite tableware offers a holistic and enriching addition to your life.

Types of surface treatment of tableware

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss two types of surface our products. Shungite tableware have two types of surface.

  • Firstly, it’s a polished surface.
  • Secondly, it’s unpolished surface.

The polished surface is smooth and reflects light. The unpolished surface is rough to the touch and does not reflect light. This surface looks natural. On there clearly visible inclusion of pyrite and Quartz.

Pyrite has a Golden color. Quartzite has a whitish color.  These minerals are an integral part of the real Russian c60 stone. Thirdly, and most importantly, the inner surface of the shungite tableware is unpolished. The outer side of this tableware is polished.

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