Shungite Properties

Rare mineral:

Shungite properties are one of the most unusual and rare natural phenomena. One of the main properties of this rare mineral is its antioxidant capacity. Shungite is a rare resource, the place of production of which exists only in one region of the world. This ecologically clean region rich in forests and a variety of rocks is called the Republic of Karelia. It is located in the North of Russia near the border of Finland.

At the very beginning of the 20th century, once this rock was discovered, Shungite abilities were defined only as a source of thermal energy. However, research in this area has not yielded the expected results. This rock looks like coal, but its unique mineral composition and unusual shungite properties do not allow it to burn and release the necessary thermal energy like coal. In this study the unique properties of Shungite is not over. Only 100 years later Shungite finds a new life as an amazing natural spring. Here is a scientifically proven list that has been identified over the years.

What is the shungite properties?

Shungite properties as an Antioxidant

It is one of the strongest antioxidant created by nature. Raises the immunity of the human body on a new level, gives him abilities resisting many diseases.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are particles of human defense systems that fight free radicals.

What are free radicals?

These are molecular particles that, for whatever reason, have lost one electron. These particles are actively trying to bring back this electron. They break the bonds in full-fledged molecules and attach themselves to the missing electron. In turn, these cells also want to regain the stolen electron. Thus, in the human body begins a chain reaction called oxidation or oxidative stress. It is worth noting that free radicals are a natural part of human biochemical processes. But, if the balance is broken, the radicals begin to damage healthy cells. The more free radicals in the human body, the faster this process of oxidation. As a result, the human body is more prone to various diseases and aging. Shungite properties as an antioxidant allow to normalize these harmful processes.

free radicals

How do free radicals enter the human body?

First, as a result of natural biochemical reactions in the human body.
Secondly, as a result of negative environmental factors. Modern human living conditions are overflowing with negative factors. Harmful food, polluted air, medicines, electromagnetic waves, stress, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, etc. contribute to the penetration of free radicals in the human body.

Negative factors of environment

How do Antioxidants help?

These substances break off the chain reaction of oxidation. They sacrifice themselves by giving the missing electron to the radical. But they do not continue to take this electron from full-fledged molecules. Thus, the oxidation reaction stops. Antioxidants enter the human body with food in the form of vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamins C and E, as well as minerals Zinc, Selenium, Iron, etc. Physical activity and the desire for a healthy lifestyle positively affect the balance of biochemical reactions of the human body.

shungite antioxidant

What is the most effective Antioxidant?

It is assumed that one of the strongest antioxidants are fullerenes. For Example, Fullerene C60. Shungite is the only mineral that is a natural carrier of C60 fullerenes. Such fullerenes have hydrated form and soluble in water. In the course of research it was found that water infused with shungite has a beneficial effect on the human body and animals. This is probably possible due to the natural antioxidant in the form of fullerene.

Shungite properties As a Sorbent

shungite properties sorbent

Like a sponge, thanks to portsoy structure, clean the water from organic and mineral substances.
In model experiments for shungite properties, it was shown that in water containing such chemical pollutants as heavy metals, boron, phenol and benzene in concentrations 10-50 times higher than MPC, after treatment with shungite in stationary or dynamic conditions at filter plants, the content of these substances is reduced below the levels established by normative documents. At the same time, the water did not receive any toxic elements from sorbents used in the technology. Experiments on biotesting on Daphnia and algae confirmed the absence of toxicity in purified and conditioned water.

Shungite properties as a Catalyst

shungite properties catalyst

Shungite properties has the ability to annihilation filtered organic substances and self recovery. According to the works performed in the all-Russian research “Institute of mineral raw materials named after Fedorovsky” and “Chemical-technological University named after Mendeleev” the shungite sorbent loses to activated carbon at the first stage, during the first 250 hours, and then begins to clean the solution at a higher and constant rate. This is due to the catalytic properties of shungite, the ability to catalytically oxidize the sorbed organic matter.

Shungite properties as a Source

shungite stones chemical elements

Contains various amounts of trace elements and substances with high biological activity, which simpleroot potential in humans and animals. The only natural source of Fullerenes.

Shungite propertise as a Defender

shungite emf protection

It is endowed with a unique ability to neutralize various geopathic electromagnetic waves, including high frequency. Above all, these Shungite properties were the basis for the creation of materials based on it, with radio-screening and radio-absorbing properties.

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