Elite noble Shungite

Genuine elite shungite has a shiny surface and dark gray color. It is smooth to the touch and looks like glass. This mineral is a kind of classic shungite, but classic shungite more like coal and has a black color. Elite shungite is almost pure unique carbon ~99%, which contains natural fullerene c60.

There are many reasons that make Shungite unique. Above all, it’s Fullerene C60, which was found in its composition. Molecules of C60 and C70 fullerene were isolated from the rare mineral Shungite. Most importantly, this is the only natural material where fullerenes have been discovered. The formation of Shungite lasts from 600 million to 2 billion years. Fullerenes are also synthesized on special equipment. This is an very expensive product. It is much more expensive than gold!

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Elite noble shungite fullerenes have hydrated form, as a result allowing them to dissolve in water. The only Deposit of this mineral is only in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Currently, this field is completely depleted. Therefore, each piece is assembled by hand. It is considered a great success to find samples of large size, so their cost is much higher than the pieces of small size. My name is Eugene, I live in the Republic of Karelia near this unique Deposit of rarest stone. In addition, I personally extracted every piece of elite noble shungite.

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