Authentic shungite beads

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Showing all 2 results

In our store are authentic Karelian shungite beads for sale of several sizes. We offer round beads in sizes 8mm and 10mm.

Production process of Authentic Karelian Shungite Beads

All our beads are made from solid pieces of 100% natural Karelian shungite stone. Each genuine shungite bead has its own unique dimensions and may differ slightly from the perfect round shape.

The fact is that our beads are cut and made of solid pieces of natural stone. This is not a pressed factory mold. As a result, these products have exactly the same size and perfect shape.

In addition, our authentic shungite beads have a polished surface. The diameter of the hole of each bead is about 1mm. Genuine shungite beads for sale have non-sharp edges of the holes as a result, the elastic band or cable will not wear on these faces and will last longer.

Care for genuine shungite beads

Usually these shungite beads do not require any additional care. You can rinse your beads under running water to remove any remaining shungite dust. But probably this will not be necessary due to the fact that we carefully wash them after they have been made.

It is not recommended to use shungite beads in contact with household chemicals. For example, dishwashing detergent. Also note that over time the polished surface of the beads becomes matte.

The fact that the polished layer of Karelian shungite beads is extremely thin and prone to abrasion on the surface of the skin. The appearance of the beads does not get worse. On the contrary, the beads will acquire the natural color of the natural real shungite Karelian stone.


Currently, there are many fakes of this Karelian black stone. We guarantee you that in our store are only authentic shungite Karelian beads for sale. We manufacture these products ourselves and control the entire process of production.

Firstly from the supply of Shunga stone from the field as well as the manufacturing process itself. In addition, the guarantee is the fact that you get from us real shungite beads directly from Karelia without intermediaries.

In conclusion, We would like to note that in other regions and countries there is no production of this rare mineral and there is a great risk of getting a fake. Read about it in our article-Shungite fake.