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Shungite and Soapstone Cylinders

Shungite and soapstone harmonizers  for meditation are used as one of the ways to achieve peace of mind and update the energy potentials of a person. Every material on the planet has its own energy.

Natural minerals and crystals also have their own energy, which allows you to use them for meditation and healing. Shungite and soapstone harmonizers are two stones with opposite energies the middle of which is your peace of mind.

Healing within us

Healing means bringing your mind and body into a stable and healthy state. If you want your body to heal from an ailment, you go to the doctor and take medication.

But, what if you want to have a good mood, positive thoughts and feel easy? To resolve this issue, you can also contact a doctor – psychologist. This specialist will help you to understand your thoughts and put them in order. There is also another option — Meditation.

Meditation spiritual stones allow you to be alone with yourself, to see yourself as no one can see you. It allows you to achieve harmony of your soul and your body by your own efforts.

What is meditation

Meditation is a special state of inner harmony in which a person finds himself through relaxation and quiet reflection.

It has long been known that true happiness and peace come from within and the more a person connects with himself, the less he is exposed to the external environment. Through meditation, a person begins to better understand who he really is, what really makes him happy, aware of all his true and false desires. Instead of seeking happiness in external factors, one learns through meditation to receive it from within, and this in turn brings a sense of true happiness.

Meditation in modern human life

During the day, we are faced with a variety of situations. Some are familiar to us, others are not. There are some that we are not ready for at all, and they unsettle us. To resolve such situations, we need a special condition that will help to cope with this problem. Therefore, a person needs a method-a method for quickly reconfiguring to another state. meditation stones shungite and soapstone harmonizers are ideal for these purposes. During this process, you will learn to get out of one unwanted state and move into the state we need at the moment. For example, from a state of emotional stress to a calm balanced state.

Shungite and soapstone harmonizers: how it’s made

All products in our store are made of 100% natural stones. Above all, each item is carved and solid piece of genuine Russian black stone or soapstone. However, all our items is made by hand, it is not pressed factory mold. We do not add any extraneous additives to the stones for meditation.

Shungite is black in color. Soapstone has a light gray color. In addition, it can have different shades. These shades can be from almost white to dark green. It depends on the depth and location has been extracted the stone.

The shapes and sizes of stones for meditation

In our shop there are several variants of shungite and soapstone harmonizers. This allows you to cover a greater range of situations and purposes in which they can be used.

Also the different shape and dimensions of shungite and soapstone harmonizers make them the most effective to use in certain places or certain purposes.

In addition, each product has two surface options. It is a polished and unpolished surface. The type of surface does not affect the energy of the stone. This difference is only for tactile sensations.


Unpolished shungite and soapstone harmonizers rough to the touch. The polished surface of meditation stones is smooth to the touch. Also because of the amount of reflected color from these surfaces, these stones can have different shades of color.

The short list of our harmonizers

Cylinders – Rods

These meditation stones are made in the shape of cylinders. The length of each cylinder is about 10 centimeters. The diameter of each cylinder is about 3 centimeters. The total weight of the two wands is about 380 grams. Above all, these harmonizers are relatively large and more suitable for deep meditation.

Spheres for meditation

These shungite and soapstone harmonizers have a round spherical shape measuring about 3-4 centimeters in diameter. They are relatively heavy. However, they can fit in your pocket. But, they are also suitable for moderate deep meditation at home or in a calm environment in any room.

Shungite and soapstone harmonizers – Hemispheres

These meditation stones are small in size and have a polished surface. The diameter of these products is about 3 centimeters, and the thickness is about 2 centimeters. Shungite and Soapstone harmonizers Hemispheres are very pleasant to the touch. Their shape is harmonious and smooth. It has a negligible weight. It has about 60 grams only.

Such harmonizers will easily fit in your pocket. You can also take them with you wherever you are. This will be a good solution for short-term shallow meditation in a public place. This will allow you to abstract from the outside world and be alone with yourself. For example, in the subway or bus.

Circle and Triangle

These shungite and soapstone harmonizers for meditation have the smallest dimensions and weight of the previously presented. You can also easily take them with you wherever you go. They’ll even fit in your wallet. Their form is not accidental. Concentrated energy is collected at the ends of the triangle. In contrast, the black stone circle energy is evenly distributed throughout the circle. You can move energies either from a circle to a triangle or Vice versa. In each case, it will help to achieve the fastest concentration and concentration, if your thoughts are scattered.

How to use shungite and soapstone harmonizers

Each type of meditation stones presented in our store has their own recommendations for use. You can read more about each of the recommendations on the personal page of each type of this product.

However, there is one basic recommendation for all kinds of these meditation stones. Shungite stone has a black color and has Yin energy. This mineral must be held in the left hand. Soapstone, on the other hand, has Yang energy and is recommended for the right hand. Also, shungite and soapstone harmonizers must be periodically charged in the sun or washed in running water. This cleanses the energy of the stone and renews it.