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Currently, the market is full of many different fakes. We give you guarantees of genuine of shungite in our store and safety payments.
Above all, we value our customers and try to give you the best service. All our products are made only of real shungite. We are not intermediaries, you receive our genuine shungite directly from us from the Republic of Karelia. We live in this region and personally take part in the production and processing of the shungite stone. The single Shungite Deposit is only two hours away from us.
Now the market is full of fakes of this rare and unique stone. Shungite-containing rocks are sold in different countries of the world, these rocks are very similar to Shungite Russia, but in such rocks there is no unique carbon and fullerenes C60. This product is cheap but has not abilities and genuine Shungite. It is possible to establish authenticity of the real Karelian Shungite only in special laboratory conditions. When you buy Shungite in our store you get a guarantees of authenticity of this rare stone, because you get it directly from the Republic of Karelia, this is the only place on earth where it is extracted.
We give you a guarantees of authenticity and high quality of our products.