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What is Colombian elite shungite?

Foto FAKE Colombian elite shungite
Fake Colombian elite shungite

We received a massage from our customers about such a new phenomenon on the Internet as Colombian elite shungite from Colombia, South America. These buyers asked us why the sellers of this stone write that Colombian elite shungite is very similar to your real Karelian elite shungite of the first type? We will try to sort out this issue, can it be that Colombian elite shungite is fake?

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Shungite metaphysical meaning

shungite metaphysical meaning

Authentic shungite has pronounced protective qualities. Eliminates negative effects and prevents the penetration of unwanted energies into the human field. If you touch on the topic of protecting the home, then shungite metaphysical meaning can be used as a talisman. The shungite energy will be an excellent guardian of the hearth and space from destructive influences from outside. You can learn more about what shungite is in this special article.

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Shungite wearing made me doubt: was it painted?

Wearing shungite raised the question of whether it was dyed

In some cases, when shungite wearing, buyers think that they bought not real shungite. Or they believe that their shungite was painted with shiny paint and it is also covered in shungite scratches. For example, one person wrote a review to our colleagues in a store.

Bought it a month ago, appears to be painted as others have mentioned. Paint is chipping off, don’t think this is really shungite. It looks cool though, except for the paint coming off.

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Shungite spiritual meaning

spiritual spiritual meaning

Shungite spiritual meaning and Aura

The shungite spiritual meaning, as well as any other mineral or crystal, must be comprehend on your own experience. There are many different doctrine and techniques. Some of them deserve attention and can be listened to. But still, no one but yourself will let you feel the energy inherent in a particular mineral, stone or crystal. The soul of every person is multi-faceted and unique. Different energies are perceived on an individual level.

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Shungite in water benefits

shungite in water benefits

Shungite in water benefits

Shungite wonderfully purifies water. It disinfects it. Above all it kills E. coli, Vibrio cholerae, neutralizes heavy metal impurities, ammonia. In addition, shungite have ability to neutralizes nitrates, organochlorine compounds formed from chlorine and organic impurities when boiling tap water. Infusion of water on shungite forms a water-mineral solution. That has unique healing qualities, in fact it is a ready-made medicine created by nature itself. Without any chemistry, without any human intervention. It is similar in composition to enzymes and hemoglobin. You can learn more about this rare mineral. In this article, we have tried to fully describe what shungite stone is.

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