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Shungite pendants emf protection

Every object, every material, every geometric shape has its own energy. Some rocks also have unusual abilities. For example, diamond is the hardest mineral known to science. Karelian black Shungite stone has the ability to absorb waves of various negative nature, which can bring opsnost for humans and living organisms.

Geometric shape and unusual ability

We decided to make pendants of this rare and unusual black stone. To bring together all the properties of the geometric shape of the energy of the stone and its abilities. We make each shungite pendant emf protection from a single piece of the real Russian black stone. Each geometric shungite pendant emf protection is carved by a master according to the required shape from a raw piece of solid stone.

We have tried to make the most widespread geometric pendants in nature. For example, it is triangular, round or rectangular shapes. We have also made a necklace EMF protection, which have a more complex geometric shape. This amazing ability of the Karelian rock has many public confirmations.

In addition, the ability of the Russian stone to absorb electromagnetic waves has been scientifically proven in in many countries of our world.

The uniqueness of each pendant

At first glance you can tell that all pendants are the same size and weight if they have the same name. But this is not quite true. Each pendant can be confidently called unique. For example, as fingerprints of a person. This is made possible by the following features of the stone and production.

First of all, each geometric shungite pendant emf protection is made by hand. In this regard, it has its own unique size and weight.

Secondly, the Karelian stone has two minerals in its composition. These are Pyrite and Quartzite. These minerals like human fingerprints draw different patterns on the surface of each stone pendant. This pattern is never repeated. As a result, you can be sure that you have your own unique talisman, which no one else on earth.

Fake of shungite pendant EMF protection

Many obscure shops and sellers from around the world sell certain fakes. Sometimes they themselves do not know about it and are conscientiously mistaken in authenticity. For example, Orgonite is not a breed, but a mixture of epoxy resin.

Also, it has ability to conducts electric current. And ostensibly protective pendants are made of it. As a result, sellers from other countries or cities in Russia with all confidence assure their customers that their goods and jewelry are genuine. But they themselves not know about how, that in their the hands of forgery. And Shungite pendants emf protection are no exception.

Real black Karelian rare stone

This black Karelian stone is really very rare due to the fact that it was discovered only in Russia in the Karelian region. We live in this region and control the entire process of production from the supply of stone to the final result in the hands of the master. You can be sure that in front of you is not stamped blank made with a mold and press is unknown from what materials.

Shungite pendants emf protection: Features

Authentic pendants made of the Russian black stone may have traces of dust that remain on the pendant after it was made from the Karelian authentic rugular stone type 3.

Therefore, if you receive a pendant that stains your hands a little, then rinse it under water. We also complete the shungite pendants emf protection with a rope, which must be tied very tightly so that the pendant does not fall. Learn more about this and about wearing Karelian stone.

In addition, we guarantee you that each of our pendant is made of 100% natural stone without any additives.