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Hello, you are on the website where you can buy shungite stone, as well as various products from it. Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing rocks on earth. Learn more in this article about what is shungite. Now it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a real Shungite. First, the market is full of fakes of this unique and helpful mineral. Secondly, in many countries of our world shungite-containing rocks are mined. As a result, these rocks do not contain fullerene C60 and do not have unique or helpful shungite properties.


Our shungite store sells only genuine goods made from 100% genuine stones. Our store is located in Karelia, Russia. The original shungite Deposit is only a two-hour drive away from us. We control the supply of raw materials, as well as the production process of our products. Buy shungite in our store is to obtain a guarantee of authenticity shungite. In our store you will find: pyramids, spheres, stones for water, and also other subjects from this rare stone. Do you need a real elite shungite? You will also find it in our shungite store. Thi is a extremely rare mineral that contains the largest amount of C60. Each gram of this rare mineral we extract independently and only manually. The Deposit of elite shungite is completely exhausted in the days of the Soviet Union. Now there are only crumbs that are collected by hand.

We are located in Karelia, Russia, but deliver our goods to all countries of the world! You can always see the shipping cost in your cart before you pay for your order. Learn more about shipping and payment rules. Buy shungite in our online store is simple and safe! Just add the necessary items to your cart, select the delivery method and fill in the delivery address. Pay for your order with your credit card or with your PayPal account. Your payment details are protected. All transactions take place on the official secure website of PayPal.

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