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Shungite Fake

How to know if shungite is real?

The easiest and most common way is to check the conductivity. Shungite contains a large number of unique forms of carbon, which gives it the ability to conduct electric current. This method is the easiest at home. But what if other minerals can also conduct electricity? For example, this is a famous rock – Hematite.
Please look at these pictures. Which picture contains of shungite fake?

shungite fake

These are two completely different types of minerals. Both conduct electricity and are black in color. The picture on the left are the stones of classic shungite. On the right picture are hematite stones.
Also, some types of Hematite are very similar to the stones of elite Shungite. These stones as well as elite shungite can have a gray color and a shiny surface.
This is what these hematite samples look like.


In the picture below you can see a sample of genuine elite shungite. Learn more about this mineral you can in the section on our website – elite shungite. As you can see all these patterns are very similar to each other.

elite mineral 98% carbon
This is what real elite shungite looks like

What is Hematite?

Hematite is the rock black or gray. This mineral as well as shungite has electrical conductivity, but has a completely different chemical composition. Shungite 30% consists of a unique form of carbon. Hematite is 70% iron and 30% oxide. Here is its chemical formula – Fe2O3. Hematite is a common iron ore that is used for smelting iron and other industrial applications. Some of the largest and most famous deposits of Hematite are in Ukraine, as well as Brazil, Austria and other countries.
In addition, there is a huge number of shungite-Containing rocks. These are rocks that are similar to shungite, but in their chemical composition is an extremely small amount of unique carbon or it is close to zero. For example, it is a field in Kazakhstan. It is worth remembering that genuine Shungite is extracted only in one region on earth is the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

What other ways of checking shungite fake?

Large boulders karelian black rock for the manufacture of products
Classic shungite large stones for the manufacturing of shungite products

To accurately establish the authenticity of any mineral requires special laboratory conditions and expensive chemical tests. Most people, including intermediaries, do not think and do not suspect of fakes. In addition, not all people have the opportunity to use the services of scientific laboratories to study the authenticity of their samples of minerals.
You can view your sample visually. You can’t understand it if you focus only on the photos. Take your sample in your hand. A “classic” real shungite have a black color, it is somewhat similar to coal. On its untreated surface Pyrite and Quartz inclusions are clearly visible and distinguishable.

Raw shungite stones with surface polished and unpolished
Classic black shungite stones (with a polished and unpolished surface) processed by tumbling and raw stones (close-up photo) with inclusions of quartz and pyrite

These minerals have a Golden and whitish color. On the polished surface, these inclusions are poorly visible. But they can still be seen if you look at the surface of shungite at a certain angle and lighting. This Untreated mineral can stain your hands, but if it is well washed in water, it leaves almost no traces.

Shungite pyramids polished and unpolished
Shungite pyramids (polished and unpolished surface) with inclusions of quartz and pyrite

Elite Shungite (or noble) stone has a light gray (but not bright silver) color and smooth surface. It has a homogeneous structure. It is nice and smooth to the touch. Reflects light and is similar to glass. Some areas are so flat that they look like a mirror. Perfectly conducts electric current. If you check the conductivity of a special device, the resistance of the electric current tends to zero. It has a relatively light weight in relation to size. Because it’s almost pure carbon at about 98%. This is a relatively expensive and rare mineral, the probability of forgery above.

Elite shungite stones rare sample mined in Karelia (Russia)
These elite shungite stones are from the only deposit in the world in Karelia (Russia)

Shungite Fake: Iron Ore and Magnetite

Magnetite is a black mineral widely distributed on Earth, it is a natural iron oxide. It, like hematite, looks similar to a Karelian elite shungite stone. This is due to a similar black color and metallic sheen, as well as a conchoidal fracture.

Magnetite from Magnitogorsk (Russia, Chelyabinsk region)

Magnetite conducts an electric current. However, the most important difference of magnetite is that it has pronounced magnetic properties and will be highly magnetized. On the contrary, Karelian shungite is not magnetized. But he conducts electric current, since it consists of a special allotropic form of carbon.

magnetite large specimen
Big sample magnetite

In Russia, magnetite is mined in the Kursk magnetic anomaly, in the Middle Urals (the city of Magnitogorsk), as well as on the Kola Peninsula. In addition, there is magentite in other countries, for example, Azerbaijan, USA, Canada, South Africa, Norway and so on. While the only place on Earth where there is a shungite deposit is the Republic of Karelia (Russia).

Iron ore and brown ironstone

Samples of iron ore and brown ironstone ore may have the same appearance as in the photo above. And it happens that unscrupulous sellers sell iron ore under the guise of silver elite shungite.

Shungite fake from India

A mineral that looks like a elite shungite is also quite popular – this is obsidian (volcanic glass). Here the similarity is based on the high reflective surface of the minerals, as well as a typical conchoid fracture. However, obsidian has a glass luster, and the noble shungite has a strong diamond-metallic luster. In addition, obsidian does not conduct electric current.

 volcanic glass

Why can you trust us?

We are not intermediaries and are located directly in Karelia. You will receive from us real shungite directly from its field. This eliminates the risk of getting a fake shungite from intermediaries from other countries or regions of Russia, where there are many similar rocks. All our products are made only from 100% Shungite stone. We personally control the entire production process from the supply of raw materials to the final product. In addition, we cooperate with one of the largest companies to protect transactions on the Internet. This is PayPal company, every transaction on our website is protected.
Please remember that not all gold that glitters. Other shungite-containing rocks or Hematites (they are often given for genuine but it is a shungite fake) are very cheap, but do not have unique abilities, are useless for health and are used only in industry. Such products can be found in different countries, USA, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, China, etc.