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Fullerenes in Shungite

content of fullerenes c60 in shungite stone


Shungite is a rare form of minerals. A feature of this mineral is its unique chemical composition, the main element of which is a unique form of carbon. It is this form of carbon that is filled with fullerenes in Shungite. Even more unique this mineral makes the fact that this mineral is extracted only in one place on earth. This region is the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Currently, it is the only natural material on the planet earth in which fullerenes were discovered in their natural state.

shungite stones


Fullerenes are a rather unusual class of molecules that represent one of the forms of carbon existence (the so-called allotropic modifications). The well-known diamond and graphite are also nothing but different allotropic forms of carbon. Fullerenes in shungite are in the form of molecules C60 and C70
The discovery of fullerenes is one of the clearest examples of the predictive power of science: back in the 70s of the XX century, theoretical quantum chemical calculations were made, predicting the existence of such molecules, but only in 1985 they were first discovered in the study of graphite vapors after its laser irradiation. Later these allotropic forms have been identified in the earth’s natural minerals. To be more precise — it is a one-of-a-kind mineral – Shungite. But recently it was found that these unique carbon balls are even in outer nebulae of space.


Used of fullerenes

Physicists and chemists have found many uses for fullerenes: they are used in the synthesis of new compounds in optics, the production of conductors and In the fields of fundamental and applied Sciences with used of atomic structure. Studies in biology have found the ability of fullerenes to fight against substances that inhibit the oxidation of healthy cells of the human body and animals. This gave a new vector of development of the use of fullerenes for the benefit of human health. So, in 2012 the publication was published, which attracted the attention of gerontologists — specialists working on the problems of aging. In this work, Tarek Baati and co-authors demonstrated impressive results — rats fed a suspension of fullerenes in olive oil, lived twice as long as usual, and, moreover, showed increased resistance to toxic factors.

fullerenes in shungite

Shungite fullerenes in water

Fullerenes in shungite were found as molecules C60 and C70. It was found that the unusual moleculeus have a hydrated form, allowing them to dissolve in water. Perhaps this is an explanation for the theories in the field of scientific studies of the beneficial properties of water that has been in contact with this mineral. Also as shungite suspensions, which are obtained by mixing with olive oil. There are two types of shungite in Karelia. It is classic and elite. On our site there is also an article – What is shungite, which describes in more detail this rare mineral as well as its properties and types.