Shungite mandala “Motivation”


Contemplating this mandala, your spirit will tell you how to focus and stand your ground. The grains you planted need extra fertilizer so you can move on and maintain your inner drive and ambition.



Activators from Shungite stone-Mandala, help a person to overcome psychological barriers, as well as to concentrate all internal energy to achieve the desired result or his own goal.

The modern world envelops a person like a swamp, it does not allow a person to move easily and confidently in the way that he wants. Even the most powerful desires and aspirations can not be translated into reality because of the factors that influence us from the specifics of the modern world order.

Laziness, self-doubt, feelings of fear and danger, fear of being disappointed, and other internal barriers imposed on us by the world around us can only be overcome by our own personality. Shungite activator-Mandala, made from a single piece of natural stone.

Each activator has a shungite mandala and a geometric sacred closed system in the form of circles and lines. All these images are not random and have a certain energy that is used in Buddhist practice.

Perhaps one of these activators is the one that you need.

Additional information

Weight0.03 lbs
Dimensions1.77 × 1.77 × 1.77 in
Options for engraving the drawing