Shungite pendant “Growth and Rebirth”

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Each shungite pendant Crescent has a unique additional pattern in the form of inclusions of Pyrite and Quartzite. Pyrite has a Golden color. Quartzite has a whitish color. These two minerals are an integral part of the real Shungite stone. As a result each amulet is unique and has no repetitions.


Black Shungite Rare Stone.

Our shop of genuine shungite was born in Russia, Karelia, but we provide you the opportunity to get your shungite pendant in Australia or any other country in the world. More information about the rules of delivery you can read here. This shungite pendant Crescent is made from a single piece of rare natural shungite stone.

This black stone is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. Shungite has the ability to absorb and emf protection. In addition, it helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena.

This unusual shape of shungite amulet is in the form of a Crescent. At first glance, can show that all the pendants of this type are similar to each other, but it is not quite so. Each pendant is made separately from the others by hand. As a result, no pendant is exactly like another.
A Pendant is a natural or man-made object designed to protect people from harm and misfortune. Moreover, each item has its own energy.

Shungite pendant Crescent “Growth and Rebirth”.

The MOON symbolizes abundance, cyclic renewal, rebirth, immortality, occult power, variability, intuition and emotions. The ancients measured time by the cycles of the moon; determined the timing of the tides; predicted what the future harvest would be.

The appearance and disappearance of the lunar disk and the spectacular changes in its shape have led to the Moon becoming an expressive cosmic image of the earth’s cycles in the animal and vegetable worlds (birth, growth, aging, death and rebirth).

Stone-cutting and Feature of Shungite.

We make each shungite pendant Crescent “Growth and Rebirth” from monolithic piece of real Karelian shungite stone, whose age is more than two billion years. One of the main distinctive visual features of this rare mineral is the inclusion of pyrite and Quartz on its surface. They give the surface of finished goods a unique pattern with their white and gold colors.
Sometimes there are small voids in the structure of these neighboring rocks. They look like very little dimples in quartz and pyrite stripes on shungite.

We use only natural shungite stone in production, so we cannot perfectly smooth the surface. And on the shungite amulets there are minor traces of machining.
Of course, someone makes perfectly smooth pendants, but only from some synthetic material. To do this, they simply fill in the form of epoxy resin, plastics and other polymers, which could be dangerous.
But our craftsmen carve products by hand from solid raw stone, and then polish from all sides.

In the photographs, you may notice slight irregularities at the edges that appear as a result of physical cutting of the stone. The master then polishes these tiny cuts while working on the entire workpiece. As a result, we get an organic shape of an shungite black crystal necklace made of authentic russian shungite.

Shungite Wearing.

  • Please note that the original shungite pendants Crescent “Growth and Rebirth” may have traces of shungite dust. These traces remain on the pendant after we made it from shungite stone.
    Therefore, if you receive a pendant that stains your hands a little, then rinse it under water.
  • Together with a shungite pendant Australia, we also supply a cord for it. We recommend our customers to tie it very tight to prevent the pendant from falling off. Learn more about this and about wearing shungite.

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Shungite stone




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2 reviews for Shungite pendant “Growth and Rebirth”

  1. Adam Davila

    A very beautiful pendant, complete with a simple thin lace, I replaced it with a chain

  2. Laura Laxson

    Exquisite and refined work. I really liked the pendant. A lace made of black fabric is included, but this is only for the first time. My pendant spontaneously untied and fell several times until I made a strong triple knot.

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