Shungite How to Use

shungite how to use

Many people have already learned and got to know this rare stone from Russia better. But many people have a question: How do you use shungite? This article explores how to use shungite of type 3, elite shungite stones of type 1, and products of this EMF protection stone.

There are two primary types of shungite – black stones and elite stones – each with specific uses. In addition to these natural forms, various shungite products are available, offering convenient ways to utilize this remarkable mineral.

Black stones regular type 1

Black stones, also known as regular, contain 30-50% carbon. They’re recognized for their matte black appearance and are often used in raw form or polished for decorative purposes.

Black shungite how to use

  1. Use for EMF Protection: Place black stones type 3 near electronic devices like computers, Wi-Fi routers, and televisions to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  2. Water Cleansing: Although less effective than elite silver stones type 1, black rocks can still be used for purifying water. Place the stones in water for 24-48 hours to reduce impurities.
  3. Decorative Use: Polished black regular stones are often used in home décor for their aesthetic appeal and purported energy-balancing properties.

Elite Shungite How to Use

  • Water Purification: Elite type 1 stones are renowned for purifying and mineralizing water. Place the rocks in water and allow them to sit for several hours. The fullerenes in noble silver stones help remove contaminants and add beneficial minerals.
  • Direct Contact: Due to its purity, shungite can be used in meditation and placed directly on the body for personal healing. It’s often used during meditation or on specific body parts to address pain or discomfort.
  • Elite noble stones type 1, containing a higher carbon content (up to 98%), is more efficient and sought-after, especially for water purification.

Products and Their Applications

Shungite products include a wide range of jewelry, pyramids, spheres, and phone stickers. These products combine the properties of Karelian rock with convenience and accessibility.

Products made of Shungite: How do they use it?

  • Jewelry: Using shungite as jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or earrings, is a stylish way to enjoy the benefits of Russian stone throughout the day. It’s believed to offer protection against EMFs and help maintain energetic balance.
  • Pyramids and Spheres: To start using these products, you need to place them in your living or workspace to create a harmonious environment and reduce the influence of EMFs. The pyramid shape is particularly renowned for amplifying e-wave stones’s protective properties.
  • Phone Stickers: This product is straightforward to use. You can attach these stickers to your mobile phone to minimize the impact of EMF radiation.

How to use shungite even more effectively

Regular cleansing is necessary to maintain the effectiveness of shungite. Rinse the stones under running water every month and let them dry in the sun to recharge. Gentle cleaning with water is sufficient for shungite products, such as jewelry. Please do not use any chemical cleaning products.


Understanding shungite and how to use it is critical to harnessing its full potential. Whether you’re using black stones, type 3 for EMF protection and water purification—elite noble type 1 stone for water mineralization or meditation. In addition to souvenir products for their convenience and healing properties, this unique mineral offers many benefits. By incorporating Karelian rock into your daily routine, you can tap into the natural protective and purifying qualities of one of nature’s most intriguing gifts.