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  1. Origins and History: Discover the origins, discoveries, historical uses, and more. We explore the folklore, myths, and scientific discoveries associated with this ancient stone.
  2. Scientific Insights: Dive into the science behind shungite minerals. Learn about its unique molecular structure, including fullerenes, and understand how these contribute to its purported health and environmental benefits.
  3. Healing and Wellness: In the Shungite blog, explore the world of holistic wellness with the Karelian c60 stone. We discuss its uses in energy healing, its impact on physical and mental well-being, and the perspectives of both traditional and modern medicine.
  4. Practical Applications: Learn how this Russian stone is used in everyday life, from water purification to EMF protection. We also provide practical tips on how to use it effectively in your home or office.
  5. Authenticity and Purchasing Tips: In our shungite blog, learn how to identify genuine Russian stones and avoid counterfeits. We also offer advice on purchasing shungite, whether for personal use, health purposes, or as a collector’s item.
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