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Shungite store is a place where various products made of authentic shungite stone are presented. Please check out our product catalog of genuine shungite stone. Click here to see all the categories of our products and choose your product.

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Shungite stone is a rock of black color or a mineral of silver color

Black shungite (classic) has the ability to disinfect and purify water. In addition, it has the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves of high frequency EMF. Silver-colored shungite (elite or noble), also known as 1 type shungite, is used to mineralize water and saturate water with fullerenes. You can learn more about the black shungite rock in this article. If you are interested in silver elite Shungite of the first type, you can read this article.

Our shungite store sells only products made of genuine Shungite stone and no sell any other products.

What requirements should a real shungite shop meet?

  1. A shungite store should have a large range of products. All products must be made exclusively from solid genuine shungite stones. Many sellers use various minerals or resins that are black in color to make their products. After that, they put up for sale their products with the name shungite. But this is a fake. Please read our article shungite fake. Shungite is really a rare and unique stone, and therefore this name is often used for a variety of minerals or epoxy resin – Orgonite (Hematite), which has a black color. This cannot be called shungite.
  2. The shungite shop must provide a guarantee of the authenticity of each product. Shungite is not a subject for mandatory certification in Russia. But every shungite shop has the right to make such a certificate, which is called voluntary. In addition, each store must have the results of chemical analyses of shungite stone to provide evidence of the authenticity of shungite. We have a similar voluntary certificate of compliance with the legislation of Russia, as well as the results of chemical studies of shungite stone. You can view our certificate on this page.
  3. In shungite store must provide up-to-date and scientifically based information about the specifics of use, scope of application, features, and other qualities of shungite stone. You can find the most complete information that we have received as a result of studying scientific articles. Please translate to this section to learn more about shungite stone.
  4. The shungite shope must have fast and safe delivery. Our Shungite store has a transit warehouse in the USA. We delivered our goods from Russia to our transit warehouse in the USA in advance, so that our customers could receive an authentic shungite stone within one or three business days.
  5. A shungite shop must have a security guarantee for every transaction. We guarantee that every item in our store is genuine, and provide a return guarantee for any reason. All transactions on our website are protected by PayPal policy. All our customers and their purchases in our shungite shop are protected by a third party.
  6. A shungite store should have lots of photos in excellent quality so that customers can have a clear idea of the product they will receive. In addition, it is necessary that each product has a description in which the dimensions and weight of each product are indicated.
shungite shop
shungite shop

Guarantee of authenticity and security in our shungite shop

We have been selling and manufacturing shungite stone products for more than four years and have an impeccable reputation among our customers. We strive to give the best service to our customers, as well as the opportunity to get a genuine shungite stone in the shortest possible time. I place your order in our shungite store, you get a guarantee of the authenticity of shungite, as well as fast delivery and fast quality support.

Shungite products store

Our Shungite shop produces more than 200 different types of goods. For example, we manufacture shungite pendants, shungite pyramids, shungite spheres, plates for phones and household appliances and other goods. Each product is cut from a single raw piece of shungite stone. These are not pressed factory molds like those of other manufacturers. In this regard, each of our products has a unique size, due to the fact that it is cut manually. Factory Pressed molds have ideal dimensions and geometric shapes, but this is just a stamped factory mold with the use of black resin, but not shungite stone.

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