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For those who are in search of a better place, we have created our shungite shop. This can be a great find for those who are tired of searching and mired in an abundance of fakes. In this article we will plunge into the fascinating world of our shungite shop. Also, you will find the most complete information about this black rock as well as a large catalog of products.

In the world of holistic healing and spiritual practices, Russian shungite stone has become a very popular and important stone with unearthly properties. As its popularity grows, more and more people are eager to explore the unusual powers of the black Russian stone and feel its potential benefits.

shungite store
shungite shop С60

What requirements should a real shungite shop meet?

List of the most important requirements:

  • A shungite shop should have a large range of products. All products must be made exclusively from solid genuine Russian stones. Many sellers use various minerals or resins that are black in color to make their products. After that, they put up for sale their products with the name “shungite stone”. But this is not true and has the purpose of deceiving buyers. Please read our article about fake. The Russian EMF protection rock is really a rare and unique stone, and therefore this name is often used for a variety of minerals or epoxy resin – Orgonite (Hematite), which has a black color.
  • The shungite shop must provide a guarantee of the authenticity of each product. The black stone is not a subject for mandatory certification in Russia. But every shungite shop has the right to make such a certificate, which is called voluntary. In addition, each shop must have the results of chemical analyses of the black stone to provide evidence of the authenticity of the emf stones. We have a similar voluntary certificate of compliance with the legislation of Russia. In addition we have the results of chemical studies of the Russian stone. You can view our certificate on this page.
  • In real stone shop must provide up-to-date and scientifically based information about the specifics of use, scope of application, features, and other qualities of the black stone. You can find the most complete information that we have received as a result of studying scientific articles – Please read this section to learn more about Rare stone from Russia.
  • The authentic stone shope must have fast and safe delivery. Our Shungite shop has a transit warehouse in the USA. We delivered our goods from Russia to our transit warehouse in the USA in advance, so that our customers could receive an authentic Russian stone within one or three business days.
  • A natural stone shop must have a security guarantee for every transaction. We guarantee that every item in our shop is genuine, and provide a return guarantee for any reason. All transactions on our website are protected by PayPal policy. All our customers and their purchases in our online store c60 are protected by a third party.
  • A shungite shop should have lots of photos in excellent quality so that customers can have a clear idea of the product they will receive. In addition, it is necessary that each product has a description in which the dimensions and weight of each product are indicated.
shungite shop
shungite shop

Not just a shop

Our Shungite Shop is more than just a place to buy black type 3 or silver type 1 stones, it is a sanctuary of the black Russian stone energy, research and knowledge. In our shop you will find answers to any questions about this amazing Russian rock.

The c60 store offers a wide range of products. You can be sure that each of which items has its own unique energy and potential advantages.

It is possible to achieve this by high-quality manual work. In our shop, there are quite a variety of application options and research inofrmation of this extraordinary mineral.

We also present the largest range of products. You can be 100% sure that you will find what you were looking for. It is: polished and raw stones of black and elite stones type 1. Hand-cut stone pendants and necklaces, water purification and meditation kits and much more.

The atmosphere of our shop

We tried to create a calm atmosphere of our shungite shop without unnecessary unnecessary decorations. We are inviting our visitors to get acquainted with the ancient, rare and vital force and properties of the black stone. Our support team is always on hand to help our visitors find products and answer questions. We share information about various Russian stone products and their potential applications.

We reveal the power of products

In our shungite shop, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of products. Above all each of which has unique potential advantages. Among the available popular products are the following:

  1. Engraved pendants, geometric pendants, pendants made of elite raw stones for water. All these products serve as fashion accessories, and also carry the protective and healing energy of the Krelian rock. Wearing stone jewelry close to the body allows people to feel its potential benefits throughout the day.
  2. Pyramids and spheres made of the Russian emf stone: Pyramids and spheres are valued for their ability to create harmonious energy fields and protect against electromagnetic radiation. Placing these geometric shapes in living spaces can contribute to a sense of balance and tranquility.
  3. Water purification kits allow people to fill water with the cleansing and detoxifying properties of the black stone. The sets usually include raw stones made of black stones type 3 or silver stones type 1 (elite).
  4. Decorative products: The striking appearance of the black Russian stone makes it a popular choice for making decorative products such as carved figurines, phone stands and glasses. These items not only add beauty to living spaces, but also contribute to the creation of a harmonious energy environment.

Shungite stone is a rock of black color or a mineral of silver color

Black Karelian c60 rock (classic) has the ability to disinfect and purify water. In addition, it has the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves of high frequency EMF. Silver-colored stones (elite or noble), also known as 1 type, is used to mineralize water and saturate water with fullerenes. You can learn more about the black Russian rock in this article. If you are interested in silver elite stones of the first type, you can read this article.

Our shungite shop sells only products made of genuine Shungite minerals and no sell any other products.

Guarantee of authenticity and security in our shungite shop

We have been selling and manufacturing Russian stone products for more than four years and have an impeccable reputation among our customers. First of all, we strive to give the best service to our customers. In second, we provide the opportunity to get a genuine stone in the shortest possible time.

When you place your order in our shungite shop, you get a guarantee of the authenticity of Karelian black c60 rock. In addition, you will get a fast delivery and fast quality support.

Shungite shop: products

Our Shungite shop produces more than 200 different types of goods. For example, we manufacture pendants, pyramids, spheres, plates for phones and household appliances and other goods. Each product is cut from a single raw piece of c60 black stone. These are not pressed factory molds like those of other manufacturers. In this regard, each of our products has a unique size, due to the fact that it is cut manually.

Factory Pressed molds have ideal dimensions and geometric shapes. But this is just a stamped factory mold with the use of black resin, but not natural c60 Russian stone.

shungite shop
shungite shop authentic products


We tried to create our shungite shop so that our customers could satisfy not only their need for high-quality products, but also get full useful information about this rare stone.

Our shop serves as a repository of the black Russian stone energy and knowledge. We are offering a wide range of products, each of which has its own unique potential advantages. After all, every product is made manually.

Our c 60 shungite shop presents a variety of applications of the black natural stone – from jewelry and decorative elements made of black stones type 3 to water purification kits and geometric shapes.

Thanks to an experienced support service and a charming atmosphere, visitors can deepen their understanding of the potential healing properties of this rare stone from Karelia. Also, its ability to improve well-being on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Regardless of whether you are looking for protection from electromagnetic radiation, water purification or a sense of inner balance, our shungite shop is a real useful find. What gives knowledge of the wonders of this ancient rare black Russian stone. Take a trip to the world of the Russian Rare stone and discover the transformative energy of this extraordinary mineral. Go to the catalog.

In addition, our shungite shop is ready for long-term cooperation. Just use this Contact Us form to get from us a personalized offer.