Welcome to the special section of shungite wholesale. We have created this section specifically for our customers who are interested in wholesale purchases of our natural black Russian stone products. You can get the maximum discount on all products that are presented in our store.

The value of the discount is really impressive. But the total cost of the order must be more than 500 US dollars. As a result, a special coupon 30% OFF for wholesale shungite purchase becomes available to you.

Which products are not eligible for a bulk purchase coupon

Please note that this coupon does not apply to elite stones type 1 and elite stone pendants. The fact is that these are extremely rare and value samples.

In addition, this coupon also does not apply to products that have already been given a discount as part of weekly promotions. These items are marked as – on sale. For such products, the discount is provided regardless of the total cost of your order.

Above all, we would like to note that our store has a section – sets. This is a set of several of the most popular products in one box at a wholesale price. For such sets, the discount is included initially, in addition, the shipping cost is adjusted. As a result, the sale coupon also does not apply to this group of products.

The coupon for shungite wholesale:


For example, the cost of 100 pieces of a round-shaped black stone pendant will be $ 156 USD. That’s $ 1.56 USD per piece for a shungite bulk order. Please note that the cost of one piece of this pendant for the retail price is $ 2.40 USD.

If your total cost of your order after you have added items to your cart is less than 500 USD, in this case you can use one of our discount coupons. Visit our discounts section to learn more.

How to use the coupon

  1. Go to the main page of our c60 store.
  2. Choose the product category, size, surface type, and specify the quantity.
shungite wholesale

3. Go to your shopping cart after you have added all the necessary items to your cart. In your shopping cart, you will see the appropriate field for applying the coupon for shungite wholesale. Enter the coupon name wholesalec60 in the appropriate field, as shown in the image below. After that, your coupon will be applied to your order and you will see your discount.

shungite bulk coupon
shungite coupon discount
Your coupon was activated and the discount has been granted.

4. After that, you can choose a convenient and acceptable delivery method. For example, Express UPS delivery or a slower but economical method of delivery – standard Russian airmail.

5. Next, click – proceed to checkout button and proceed to filling in the payment details and delivery address of your order. Important, please provide the correct phone number so that the UPS courier or postal employee can contact you and arrange the delivery time of your order to your door.

Why are bulk orders cheaper?

The fact is that large shungite bulk orders allow us to use our production process at an optimal level, as well as efficiently use the time of our craftsmen. The cost of delivering raw stones from the Deposit to our factory is also reduced. As a result, we have the opportunity to save financial costs for the production of final products. In order to get access to shungite wholesale, you need to follow the instructions below.

shungite wholesale bulk order

Order manufacturing time and delivery time

The production time is 3-14 business days after we received the payment from you. We will notify you immediately, before the payment of your order, if this time may be longer than 14 days.

All wholesale shungite orders we shipped only through our partner – UPS Express. Usually the delivery time is about 10 days to your door from the moment when your order was hand over to UPS courier.

Discount calculations

The size of our discounts for the shungite bulk order up to 35%. Discount calculations for each order are made individually and may differ in different time periods. The fact is that the discount amount depends on many external and internal factors that affect the production process.

For example, the availability of product stocks, as well as the availability of raw stones reserves for production. In addition, some masters may be on vacation or engaged in the production of other orders. Above all, our factory in Russia is very small and each product is made manually.

You can always see the amount of your discount and the final cost of your order before you pay for it.

Please, contact us if you have any additional questions or suggestions for placing your wholesale shungite order.