Shungite near me

You are probably looking for shungite near me if you are on this page. In this article we will try to help you and answer your request.

Russian stone

Shungite is extremely rare and unique rock. When we consume the value extremely rare, it means that there is a deposit of rock only in some regions of our planet. Genuine Russian stone has only one mountain deposit. This place is located in the Republic of Karelia, in Russia, it is near the border of Finland.

Thus, in order to find shungite near me, it is necessary to live near the region of the Republic of Karelia, Russia. But please don’t worry, if you live in another region or another country, you still have the opportunity to get a genuine black stone.

Shungite near me
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Shungite near me in the USA

We are not intermediaries and have our own small factory for the production of various goods from genuine Russian stone. Delivery from Russia to other countries has many difficulties and high cost. This is due to the difficult situation around Russia recently.

We strive to give the best service to our customers from the USA, Canada and other countries of the world. In this regard, we have optimized the delivery of our goods from genuine Karelian stone. This was made possible thanks to our warehouse in the USA.

Our transit warehouse is located in Pennsylvania, where most of our stocks of c60 Russian stone goods are stored. This is to provide an opportunity for our customers from other countries to realize their request and desire to get shungite near me.

Delivery time

So if you live in the USA, you can get a genuine stone from Russia within one or three business days. We have sent our goods from Russia in advance for storage to our transit warehouse in the USA in Pennsylvania. This allows you to have shungite near me now. But if you live in Europe, we can still send our products to your address.

We will ship your order via UPS delivery service. The delivery time to Europe is about five to ten days. The delivery time complies with our rules.

Our black stone products

Please visit our main catalog, just click on this link to choose from more than 200 different types of products.

All our goods are made from genuine shungite stone only. We guarantee the authenticity of each product. Please also note that the international market is currently overflowing with fakes. Many sellers provide a service – shungite near me, but for the most part it is handicrafts.

Many of our clients tell us that they receive rocks of black color, which are very similar to Russian stone, but are not. If you want to be sure that you have received a genuine black stone, then our store provides you with such an opportunity.

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Our products

Certificate for our products

All our products have a quality certificate of authentic stone. This is a voluntary certificate, because there is no mandatory certification in Russia.

In addition, we have the results of laboratory tests to study the chemical composition of our products. You can read the results of these studies in this article. Also in this article you will find more detailed information about our production, after which you can decide whether to buy shungite near me.