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You get exactly the sample shungite rare crystal stone from Russia that you see in the photo. Please note that the size and weight of each sample of raw elite shungite stone from Russia is approximate and may vary slightly.

Dimensions: ~4,5 x 3 x 2,1 cm / 1,77 x 1,18 x 0,83 inches; Weight ~41 g/0,090 Lb

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Where was the real raw elite shungite stone born?

Real raw elite shungite stone from Russia was born only in the Russian region of Karelia. Only this brilliant mineral consists almost entirely of a special carbon. But raw elite shungite stone is not coal, graphite or anthracite.

This is a special stone with amazing properties, which has been studied for more than a hundred years. It is also very important that this deposit of shungite in Karelia was discovered and developed by geologists of the Russian Empire since 1879.

Further, the shungite deposit in the village of Shunga was studied by geologists already in the Soviet Union. However, this particular tunnel was closed in 1935, when the reserves of the first type of shungite in it were exhausted.
Thus, after the closure of the deposit, in a sense, access to it appeared. Thanks to which it became possible to replenish its small collection of rare minerals. After the eighties of the last century, the reserves are considered almost exhausted.

Unfortunately, access to the mine is currently prohibited, since it has collapsed. And it is almost impossible to dig out rare veins of elite shungite there due to their absence.
Please note that you should not trust deliberately false statements that somewhere else on Earth besides Karelia there are available and developed large deposits of elite shungite with large veins. You can read more in our article about how not to fall for a fake shungite.

Benefits of shungite stone.

Fullerenes c60 and c70 were found only in the composition of raw elite shungite stone from Karelia. Thus, for the first time on Earth, fullerenes were found in their natural form in the Karelian shungite of the first type. Scientists associate this phenomenon with a special amorphous carbon, of which shungite consists.

After all, raw elite shungite stone contains up to 98-99% of such rare carbon. Currently, many scientific and geological studies of shungite from Karelia have been done. We also guarantee the authenticity of our nuggets with the help of geological studies of chemical composition and certificates of authenticity.

  1. We guarantee the authenticity of our elite shungite products from the only Shunga deposit of this mineral in Karelia (Russia). We conducted a geological check of our samples at the Geological Institute of Karelia. This fact is evidenced by our voluntary certificate.
  2. This rare mineral has proven EMF protective properties and the ability to relieve geopathic stress.
  3. The shungite type of 1 also has the following outstanding properties.

Features of the appearance of the elite stone shungite.

Elite stone shungite consists almost entirely of a special form of amorphous carbon. At the same time, over time and in the process of formation, minerals such as quartz and pyrite were added to the elite shungite. The mineral quartz can fill cracks in shungite together with pyrite.
Also on the surface of the mineral shungite there may be traces of pyrite oxides in the form of yellow and orange plaque, it may look like rust. In addition, minor traces of other chemical elements may occur on the surface of the mineral shungite, which manifest themselves in the form of multicolored oxides.

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