What elements does shungite have?

The chemical composition of shungite

The chemical composition of shungite contains almost the entire list of the chemical periodic table. But the main chemical elements are carbon and SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

The carbon content is about 32%, the Silicon dioxide content is about 55%.

Silver stone type 1, also referred to as elite shungite (rock of the first type) is mainly composed of carbon. Elite stones this is 98% of the total number of chemical elements in its composition. The remaining 2% is also almost the entire periodic table.

The difference between elite and classic
The difference between elite noble type 1 stones and classic black stones of type 3

The elements does black shungite have

Black shungite belongs to rocks, so the content of various chemical elements in its chemical composition has a wide range.

Here is a short list of the main chemical elements in the composition of shungite of type 3.

  1. Carbon – about 32% (П.П.П.)
  2. Silicon dioxide – about 55% (SiO2)
  3. Complex silicates (mica, chlorides) – 10%
  4. Sulfites – about 3%

In addition, I would like to provide you with a detailed table of what elements does shungite have.

What elements does shungite have?
Table of chemical composition and elements of black stone type 3. Page 1
What elements does shungite have?
Table of chemical composition and elements. Page 2

We received this information, as well as the results of these scientific studies at our Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk. It is the capital of the Republic of Karelia, where Russian EMF protection stone is mined.

As you can see, this table lists almost the entire spectrum of known chemical elements, but most of these elements have extremely low content.

Please note that there is no carbon in this table. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what’s going on. In fact, he is there. The fact is that the carbon elements content is determined by calcining the stone at temperatures above 1000 degrees. This is called the loss of mass during calcination.

Russian has a designation in the form of these three Russian letters – П.П.П. This is the meaning of the carbon content. And in this case, such a substance is unique carbon. That is, this indicator (32,32%) shows the amount of unique carbon.

Chemical composition of a type 3 stone sample from the Zazhogino deposit

We have made a summary table with the chemical composition based on the above information. In this table there is a study of samples of black stones of the third type from the Zazhoginskoye deposit in Karelia, Russia. We make our products from this Russian c60 stone. And we deliver worldwide.

MgO1,21000 0,05000Mg0,731000,03300
Table of the mass fraction of chemical elements in the composition of the black rocks from the Zazhoginskoe deposit

Physical properties

Based on the information obtained, the following physical properties of the Karelian EMF stone can be distinguished.

  1. Density – 2,10 – 2,45 gr/cm3
  2. Porosity – 0,4 – 5%
  3. Strength – 99 – 151 Megapascals
  4. Modulus of elasticity – 0,30 x 104 Megapascals
  5. Thermal conductivity – 3,8 W/mK
  6. Electrical conductivity – 1 – 3 x 103 Sim/m.

What elements does elite shungite have?

Let me also draw your attention to the fact that the chemical composition of shungite (first type) differs significantly from the composition of black stone type 3.

As I mentioned earlier, the main chemical element of this type 1 stone is carbon. This is 98% of the total share of all the elements that make up its composition. We also conducted a chemical analysis at our Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk.

Below you can have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the results of these scientific studies in the form of a table.

chemical composition of noble shungite mineral 4
table of elements analysis silver stone type 1 page 1
chemical compound of elite noble shungite mineral 5
table of chemical and elements analysis page 2

Carbon is labeled here as (П.П.П.) – loss on calcination as a percentage. This means how much of the substance, in percentage, has left the sample in a muffle furnace at 1000 degrees Celsius. And in this case, such a substance is unique carbon over 98%. That is, this indicator shows the amount of unique carbon.

The data from this table really confirms that the main chemical element of the shungite of the first type is carbon. Thus, we can safely say that this type of the Karelian stone is a mineral, but not a rock like black stone type 3.

The chemical composition and elements of elite shungite

Based on the above information, we also compiled a summary table with the chemical composition and elements for elite shungite. This table presents a study of samples of silver stone of the first type from the Shunga deposit in Karelia, Russia. We offer unique pieces of this mineral in a small fraction for water or in large nuggets for collecting.

Table of the mass fraction of chemical elements in the composition of Russian Silver stone type 1 from the Shun’ga deposit.

Physical properties of Elite Silver Stone

We have made a general table that reflects the properties and physico-chemical composition of shungite (elite, type 1) from Karelia, Russia.

I note that the real color of elite stones type 1 is gray, because the color of carbon elements is black. But elite type 1 silver stone from Karelia has a unique molecular structure and a shiny smooth surface. This surface is so smooth that it reflects sunlight very well. Therefore, in the light, elite stones seems silvery to your eye. Because of this property, elite stones with 98% carbon is also called silverelly.

Also, a very important distinguishing property of elite type 1 silver stone is its electrical conductivity, because none of the minerals except elite silver stone is a semiconductor. This phenomenal property for minerals distinguishes real elite Karelian stones from many fakes.

CharacteristicsElite 98% carbon of the rock 1 type from Karelia, Russia.
Species according to genetic classificationHigher anthraxolite (shungite type 1)
AgePrecambrian (over 2 billion years)
Color in MassBlack
Color in Streak or PowderBlack
LusterDiamond luster, graphite-like and metal-like
FractureConchoidal and parallelepipedal separateness
Electrical conductivityСonducts electricity. The conductivity is 4762 Sim/m.
Specific Resistance2,18 ∙ 10-4 Om∙m
Solubility in organic solventsInsoluble
Softening and MeltingDoesn’t melt or soften
Mohs hardness3 – 4,5
Ash content, %0,3 – 1,2
Volatile Matters, %0,3 – 1,2
Ashless coke output, %96 – 99
Coefficient of Light reflectance R0, %3,5 – 10,58
Bulk Density1,7 – 2,0 g/cm3 (1700-2000 kg/m3)
Elemental composition
Carbon, wt%Carbon in amorphous form 96-99
Hydrogen (H), wt%0,63 – 0,66
Nitrogen (N), wt%0,78 – 0,81
Oxygen (O), wt%0,68 – 0,71
Sulfur (S), wt%0,33 – 0,34
Physical and chemical composition of elite shungite from Karelia, Russia

The unique chemical composition of shungite

I should also note that the chemical composition of elite type 1 stone and black stone type 3 is unique. Because the carbon in the Russian rock has an unusual allotropic form, which is not found anywhere else. In addition, it was in the composition of the stone that amazing fullerene molecules were discovered for the first time on Earth.

Due to this unique chemical composition, the black Russian rock type 3 is widely used in various industries. In addition, this black stone has found wide application in the medical industry for human health. In order not to be unfounded, I give a few examples. Here is a list of diseases in which Russian black stone type 3 is used in medical health centers.

  1. • anemia
  2. • allergies of various types
  3. • bronchial asthma
  4. • gastritis
  5. • dyspepsia
  6. • kidney diseases
  7. • liver diseases
  8. • diabetes
  9. • gallstone disease, gallbladder disease and many others.

I suggest you read the full list of unique properties in our article. In addition, you can read our article about how stone from Russian helps a person.

Here I will only note that Russian black stone has two main characteristics. This is the ability to absorb EMF. This is a different spectrum of electromagnetic waves. In addition, EMF Protection stone from Russia has ability to purify and disinfect water. Undoubtedly, this becomes possible due to the truly unique chemical composition of shungite.

Because no other mineral or rock has such abilities at the same time as Russian c60 rock from Karelia. Also, one should not overlook the fact that Karelian stone conducts an electric current. This is a very rare phenomenon among minerals and rocks.


In this article, we have gained knowledge about – What elements does shungite have? Also, we are learned that the two types of this Russian stone have different chemical composition. In addition, you have access to the results of our scientific research that we conducted at the Geological Institute. I sincerely hope that this information about the composition of the stone was useful and informative for you. Now, you know about this unique and rare to me a little more.