Shungite Pyramid “Segmented”

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It consists of 3 separate parts. Size of the base shungite power pyramid is about 10cm or 3.94 inches. The height of this item is approximately 9cm or 3.54 inches.

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Shungite Pyramid 10cm of base

On our shungite website we present to shungite pyramids of different shapes and dimension. Each the item is carved from a single monolithic piece of real black shungite stone. We make each shungite power pyramid manually. This is not a stamped form. As a result, each of our shungite pyramid has a unique size and weight even if they are in the same size segment.

For example, a group of shungite pyramid from a segment measuring 10cm at the base can have size of the base from 9.5cm to 10.5 centimeters.

It makes each product unique and individual. You can safely assume that such of the shungite power pyramid is no longer anybody. Shungite pyramid 10cm are presented for purchase in this category. They differ from the classic ones that this shape is assembled from three separate parts that can move as you wish.

Symbolizes the three worlds

This form is not accidental. This shungite pyramid symbolizes the three worlds.

  1. “Yav”, “NAV” and “Prav” – the three fundamental concepts of the pagan Slavs, the triad is the state of the world, Triglav entire created world. (Slavs-Europe’s largest ethno-linguistic community).
  2. “Yav” is a physical, dense world, mortal.
  3. “Nav” – the world of the dead, the afterlife. ( God Navi).

“Prav” is the upper world, which is only possible. “Prav” is the abode of our bright Gods. Entrance to the dark Gods and evil beings there ordered. Only the brightest souls can enter this beautiful place.These are the three sides of life, the three worlds, which are separated by insurmountable borders and at the same time coexist together and inseparably.

Please note, in this section, we present a shungite pyramid 10cm size only. The height of this item is approximately 3.54 inches. It does not mean that the size of the base will be the same. Each size of the base such shungite power pyramid is about 10cm or 3.94 inches. This is the size of the base. More information can be found in the tab additional information.

Unusual gift

Above all, the shungite power pyramid 10cm will be a great gift. This is really an unusual gift, which is made of one of the rarest and most unusual stones on earth.

It is also a good gift for those who are not indifferent to their health, as well as for those who are familiar with the unique properties of the stone and who are convinced of the beneficial effects of power pyramid shapes.

In conclusion, it should be noted that our shungite pyramid 10cm are made of genuine 100% shungite stone only. We are shipping our items to all countries of our world. We deliver via air mail Russian Post, so you can get your order as quickly as possible. You can always see the shipping cost in your cart before you pay for your order. We also have an interesting shungite tall pyramid of very large size and height.

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Weight2.31 lbs
Dimensions7.48 × 4.72 × 3.94 in







Shungite stone

Type of surface




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    Great communication! The shungite pyramid arrived (delayed due covid19) but well worth the wait! Great products

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