Shungite Obelisk Big Tower

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This Shungite obelisk made of 100% natural stone. Each shungite crystal tower is the result of handmade. All shungite towers are cut from a single piece of shungite stone. The size are about 10*4.5*4 cm / 4*1.57*1.77 inches. The Weight is about 300 grams / 0.67 lb.

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The shungite obelisk is carved from a single piece of ancient and mysterious shungite stone. The real shungite stone was formed only in one place on Earth – in Karelia, Russia. Our small shungite factory is in Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia. Each shungite crystal obelisk is hand carved by our master craftsman. He gave it a shape that can also be called a shungite tower or shungite crystal tower.

The shungite point tower also has a vanishing point of six edges at its top.

Also, our master polished the shungite obelisk from all sides, and left the bottom unpolished. Therefore, the shungite tower has a deep black saturated color, and a smooth mirror surface.

Also, because shungite is a very ancient mineral, other minerals joined it during its formation. It is golden pyrite and white crystal alpha quartz. Therefore, you can see them on the surface of the shungite black obelisk crystal in the form of a wreath, veins, dots, and marks. We tried to show on our photos how they might look.

Dimensions and weight of shungite tower

Our Shungite Obelisk is distinguished by its impressive size. Most likely you will not find a shungite tower anywhere larger and more powerful than ours. Its length is about 4 inches (10 centimeters) and the size of the hex at its base is 1.57 x 1.77 inches (4 x 4.5 cm). The shungite obelisk weighs approximately 0.67 pounds (about 300 grams).

Please note that due to the manual nature of production, as well as due to the peculiarities of the stone, the dimensions and weight of the shungite prism may slightly differ.

The shape of the shungite obelisk and a little about shungite stone

The shungite obelisk has the shape of a regular hexagonal prism. This shungite prism has a vanishing point with a very powerful energy potential. Therefore, the shungite obelisk is sometimes called the shungite point tower.

The power of shungite crystal point comes from the material it is made of. After all, shungite is a unique ancient mineral that was formed over 2 billion years ago in Karelia, Russia. At the same time, shungite carbon received amazing molecules of fullerenes c60, c70 and others. Fullerene molecules were first found on Earth only in shungite. Scientists associate them with strong antioxidant and protective properties of shungite.

And due to its structure and chemical composition, Karelian shungite can absorb harmful high-frequency waves EMF and 5G. In this area, many scientific studies have been carried out that prove the ability of shungite to protect against high frequency electromagnetic waves.

How to use shungite tower

A protective shungite obelisk will help protect against EMF and 5g radiation high frequency. Of course, the shungite obelisk will look great as a home decor.

It is also ideal for your magical altar or for your collection of natural crystal obelisks. This is also why shungite crystal point will be a wonderful gift.

The powerful energy of the shungite black obelisk crystal will manifest itself in meditation and reiki.

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Weight0.67 lbs
Dimensions4 × 1.57 × 1.77 in
Type of surface









Shungite stone


Without pattern

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  1. Briana Anderson

    Impeccable product quality and very high-quality polishing. The resistance of electrical conductivity is zero like that of a metal

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