Shungite jewelry Hestia made of real shungite beads. The size of each spherical bead about is 10 mm/0.39″, oval beads 9×12 mm/0.35×0.47″. Also, we can make short beads (42 cm /16.5”) and shungite long necklace beads (60 cm/ 23.6“). Material of clasp and rings: Stainless steel.

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Shungite jewelry Hestia is made of 100% shungite stone.

Shungite stone necklace consists of oval beads 9×12 mm/0.35×0.47″ and round balls 10 millimeters / 0.39 inch in size.
Black stone bead have a geometric shape in the form of a round ball and ellipse. However, their shape is not perfectly circle and ovate, it may vary slightly due to the peculiarities of stone processing.

How we make beads of shungite mineral

We make short shungite stone necklace to fit around the neck.  That is to say they will have a length of 42 cm (16.5”). Slightly longer will be 45 cm (17.7 ”), 48 (18.9”) and 51 centimeters (20”) long.
And also we make long shungite stone necklace beads. Their length is 65 centimeters (or 25.6 inches). In addition, we can shorten them to 60 cm (23.6”), 57 (22.4 ”) or 54 centimeters (21.2”).
Rock shungite beads undergo a polishing process. In this regard, their surface is smooth and shiny. Please note that after some time of operation of the stone necklace, it will become matte. But this does not affect the power of shungite crystals. They will also protect against harmful EMF radiation and 5G.

Features of the use shungite stone jewelry

After the stone shungite beads come to us from production, we rinse them in water to wash off excess dust. But wearing Hestia in the beginning, the bead can leave dark marks on bright clothes. After a while it will pass.
To ensure traction, we use double rings and closed clasps. This will give the shungite stone necklace a special strength. Next, we string all the gemstone beads onto a very durable jewelry thread. In general, for fastening we use only high-quality accessories. Among other things, we attach an extension chain to adjust the size and increase the length by 5 cm / 1.97 “. In turn, It is made of tear-resistant stainless steel.

Additional information

Total length

42cm/16.5", 45cm/17.7", 48cm/18.9", 51cm/20", 54cm/21.2", 57cm/22.4", 60cm/23.6", 65cm/25.6"

Length adjustment

No, chain 5cm/1.97"