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Is shungite a gemstone?

No, shungite is not a gemstone. Besides, this stone is not even semi-precious!
But this fact does not make shungite a useless and unnecessary stone. On the contrary, it is a fairly well-known and in-demand mineral (rock) on the market. In this article, you will learn why shungite is not a precious stone, but it is still valuable. And also, relatively, an expensive stone.

shungite geamstone
shungite and geamstone
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What are shungite rocks for?

Introduction to the concept of shungite

shungite rocks
shungite rocks

Shungites (from the name of the village Shunga) is a Precambrian rock saturated with carbonaceous (shungite substance) material in a non-crystalline state. With metamorphism, they turn into graphite, cryptocrystalline graphite. Unstratified (migrated) anthraxolite contains up to 99% carbon and occurs in the form of stratified and oblique veins, nests and tonsils.

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Fullerenes in shungite stones from Karelia

Fullerene c60 in cosmos
Molecule of Fullerene c60

The shungite with fullerenes are a real rare mineral of Precambrian age. The fullerene shungite was found only in one place on Earth, this is the Republic of Karelia in Russia. As a result of shungite studies, fullerenes in shungite stone c60 were discovered in 1992 by scientists from the University of Arizona, USA.

Scientists associate the presence of fullerenes in shungite with the special structure of shungite. The fact is that shungite is shungite carbon of a special allotropic form. In turn, this means that fullerenes, fullerites, and other nanoparticles can originate and exist in it.

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