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Shungite FAQ

shungite mineral

We get a lot of monotonous questions about Russian Shungite every day. In this article we have collected shungite FAQ and answers to the most popular questions about this rare Russian rock from our readers. We will try to give brief but meaningful answers about this rare and unique black stone.

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Shungite fullerene

content of fullerenes c60 in shungite stone


From a scientific point of view, Shungite fullerenes this is a non-graphite carbonaceous substance. Shungite is a rare form of minerals. A feature of this mineral is its unique chemical composition, the main element of which is a unique form of carbon. Shungite fullerene it is form of carbon that is contained in the stone. Even more unique this mineral makes the fact that this mineral is extracted only in one place on earth. This region is the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Currently, it is the only natural material on the planet earth in which fullerenes were discovered in their natural state.

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Shungite Fake

What is Colombian elite shungite?
This is a shungite fake – these are samples of non-existent Colombian elite fake (actually it is anthracite).

How to know if shungite is real?

The easiest and most common way is to check the conductivity. Real shungite stone contains a large number of unique forms of carbon, which gives it the ability to conduct electric current. This method is the easiest at home. But what if other minerals can also conduct electricity? For example, this is a famous rock – Hematite.
Please look at these pictures. Which picture contains of shungite fake?

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