Shungite Polished Stones

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Natural shungite stone weighing up to 10 grams with a polished surface. Approximate size from 1 to 3 centimeters in length.

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Shungite polished stones

Each of these shungite polished stones has a small and medium size. In order to give the raw shungite stone a rounded smooth shape, this must be processed. After this processing, the black stone becomes a rich black color and a surface that reflects light. But the surface of the stone  pyrite and Quartz inclusions become less noticeable.

In addition, the surface of such a shungite tumbled stone has a less natural texture as in nature, this is significantly different from the raw surface of shungite.

Type of the surface

Please note that processed stones of this rare mineral have two types of surface. First, it is a rough tumbled surface with clearly visible inclusions of Pyrite and Quartz (Quartzite) on the surface. This is the most natural surface texture to the natural one. You will find similar samples in this section. Secondly, it is a smooth polished surface.

This surface reflects light well and has a rich black color. Inclusions of Pyrite and Quartzite on such a surface of shungite polished stones are barely noticeable.

Please note that this is not a paint as can show at a glance. This is a thin layer of polished surface that is obtained by prolonged strong friction with the smallest special particles. Such a surface can be easily damaged if you RUB this surface with effort or hold your copy constantly. If you are interested in unpolished shungite stone, not shiny, but matte, then you can view and buy it here.

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Shungite stone



Type of surface



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