Classic Stretchable shungite bracelets size of 10 mm / 0,39 in

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Simply measure your wrist and select the resulting value from the list. This real shungite bracelet is made of round beads. The size of the beads about 10mm/0.39″. Just measure your wrist size and choose the right size from the list. This item ships worldwide from our European warehouse.


A real shungite bracelet can be very difficult to find in modern conditions. Many of our customers have told us about how to get a fake of this amazing mineral. The fact that karelian shungite is a rare mineral which is not anywhere on earth except the Republic of Karelia. It is a region in Russia on the border with Finland. Most unscrupulous sellers use the fact that there are many minerals similar to the rare black stone.

They use various minerals of black color for example Hematite for products which give out for the real shungite bracelet. The situation is complicated by the fact that Hematite is also an electrically conductive mineral like real karelian stone.

Real Shungite bracelet from Russia

We are located in the mining territory of this authentic Russian stone. In addition, we produce and control the entire process of creating of the natural beads. Therefore the beads do not contain any foreign additives. Above all, they are cut from a single piece of 100% Shungite stone and are not a mold. We use a very strong elastic band for the manufacture of our shungite bracelets.

All beads have a polished surface, but over time this surface will become matte. This does not make the bracelet less attractive and it does not affect the ability and properties of shungite. You can shower or wash the dishes and keep your bracelet on. We guarantee you that you will receive from us only a real shungite bracelet.

Please note that you need to measure your wrist size and choose this size from the list. You do not need to add any additional values to this size. We manufacture our bracelets according to a special formula.

If you are interested in a bracelet size that is not listed, please contact us. We can also offer you other types of bracelets made of 100% real stone. You will find them in our store. We also make bead bracelets with mixed beads and stretchable bracelet with large 12mm beads.

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12.5cm/4.9", 13.5cm/5.3", 14.5cm/5.7", 15.5cm/6.1", 16.5cm/6.5", 17.5cm/6.9", 18.5cm/7.3", 19.5cm/7.67", 20.5cm/8.07", 21.5cm/8.46", 22.5cm/8.85"


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