Set of Shungite High Pyramids 5 pieces

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The shape of this energy pyramid was created in Russia. The proportions of this shungite pyramid are distinguished by height.

This set of high shungite pyramids contains 5 pieces of shungite different tall pyramids. The height of the pyramids varies from about 5.5 to 8.5 centimeters (2.16-3.35 inches). The set contains different pyramids with a base size of 3 and 4 centimeters (1.18 and 1.57 inches). The surface of the pyramids can be polished and unpolished. Sizes may vary slightly due to handcrafted nature.

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Buy Shungite Pyramid

On our website we present to high shungite pyramid of different shapes and dimension included in an shungite stone pyramids set of 5 pieces. Each the item is carved from a single monolithic piece of real shungite stone. We make each shungite pyramid manually. This is not a stamped form. As a result, each of our shungite stone pyramid has a unique size and weight even if they are in the same size segment.

For example, a group of high shungite  pyramid from a segment measuring 4 centimeters at the base can have size of the base from 3.7 to 4.3 centimeters. It makes each product unique and individual. You can safely assume that such of the black pyramid is no longer anybody.

Shungite stone Tall pyramids

Shungite tall pyramids are presented for purchase in this category. They differ from the classic ones that have an unusual elongated shape. This form viscosos the shungite tall pyramid is not accidental. It was designed by a Soviet engineer and researcher in the field of bioenergy.

In the course of his research, he identified that this form of pyramid harmonizes the structure of the surrounding space. Shungite tall pyramid is bringing it in line with the ideal proportion of the Golden section and thus correcting the defects caused by the unreasonable activities of both the community of people and nature itself.

What is in the set of shungite high pyramids?

Thanks to careful scientific research, it turned out that shungite is able to protect against the harmful effects of high frequency waves. At the same time, high pyramids made of shungite are especially valued in the field of protection against EMF.

We have assembled a set of a large number of tall pyramids. We chose 5 high pyramids with different surfaces – polished and unpolished. The height of the pyramids will be approximately 5 to 8 centimeters. The size of the base of the pyramid will be from 3 to 4.5 centimeters.

The size of the pyramids and their surface in the set can be different. The size of the pyramids and their surface in the set may be different, but within the figures mentioned above.

Shungite Unusual gift

Above all, the shungite high pyramids will be a great gift. This is really an unusual gift, which is made of one of the rarest and most unusual stones on earth. It is also a good gift for those who are not indifferent to their health, as well as for those who are familiar with the helpful properties of the stone and who are convinced of the beneficial effects of Pyramid shapes.

In conclusion, it should be noted that our shungite pyramids to buy are made of genuine 100% shungite stone only. We are shipping our items to all countries of our world. We deliver via pyramids from our warehouse in the USA, so you can get your order as quickly as possible. You can always see the shipping cost in your cart before you pay for your order.

  1.  We make shungite high pyramid and other products only from natural Shungite stone from the Zazhoginskoye deposit (Republic of Karelia, Russia). This fact is evidenced by our voluntary certificate.
  2. This rare mineral has proven EMF protective properties and the ability to relieve geopathic stress.

Additional information

Weight1.23 lbs
Dimensions7.48 × 4.72 × 3.94 in
Type of surface

Polished, Unpolished


30mm/1.18", 40mm/1.57", 50mm/1.97", 60mm/2.36", 70mm/2.75", 80mm/3.15", 90mm/3.54", 100mm/3.94"


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