Shungite plates with a magnet

The magnet allows you to attach these Shungite plates to metal surfaces, such as a refrigerator. One side shungite plate on magnet  has a polished surface.

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These shungite plate with a magnet are made from 100% Shungite have a thickness of approximately 3 mm/0.12″ On one side of the plate there is a magnet. You can attach this plate to the refrigerator, microwave and other metal surfaces.

How is made Square plate with a magnet

All our shungite plate on magnet made of 100% shungite stone. To get one such tile master uses a solid piece of stone, which is cut into strips of medium thickness. In the future, the desired size of the shungite plate is cut from such blanks. Above all, one side of these plate has a polished surface. The other side has a magnet. The type of shungite surface does not affect its ability. The polished surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch. It has a rich black color and reflects sunlight.

Protection from EMF

Scientific studies that have been conducted by scientists from around the world have one result. Firstly, shungite is recognized as a mineral that has the unique ability to neutralize the waves emitted by various electronics and devices. Secondly, this mineral is recognized as one of the most effective natural materials in the field of EMF protection.

Sizes and Shapes

In our online store there are several sizes and several shapes of shungite plate with a magnet. These are rectangular shaped plates and round shaped plates. It is recommended to use small size plates for small devices. The bigger the size your phone has, the bigger the shungite tile for cell phone should be. The square shungite plate shape has advantages over a circular shape. As a result, you may choose the form only the one that you like best. The fact is that there is no information about how the shape of the shungite (circle or square) is the most effective.

The type of shungite plate on magnet surface does not affect the ability of Shungite. The polished surface is smooth to the touch and reflects light. The unpolished surface is rough to the touch and does not reflect light.

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50mm/1.97", 70mm/2.75"


Round, Rectangle


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