Shungite pendant Yin and Yang сreation and unity


Yin-Yang, In ancient Chinese mythology and natural philosophy (“tai Chi”, the Great Limit) is a symbol of the creative unity of opposites in the Universe.


In the Chinese philosophical tradition, the most famous category is yin and yang. The idea of confrontation began so powerful that, according to thinkers of the East, it creates and changes the world. Therefore, we made engraved a shungite pendant yin and yang.

We depicted this ancient sign on a black stone necklace framed by the sun. Thus, such an engraving of a symbol illustrates the dualism of the most basic phenomena – light and darkness.
Therefore, the struggle of opposites energizes the shungite pendant yin and yang. And when their confrontation reaches the limit, then harmony will come in the soul.

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Weight0.022 lbs
Dimensions1.37 × 1.37 × 1.37 in