Elite shungite pendant Lot 4 (SKU: UL-2)

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This silver shungite necklace lot 4 is made of a single piece of authentic elite silver stone type 1. You get exactly the pendant that you see in the photo.

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Dimensions: ~ 3,3 x 3 x 1,5 cm/1,3” x 1,18” x 0,59”; Weight: ~ 22 gr/ 0,04 lbs /0,78 Oz.

The mount is stainless steel, polyester rope length ~85 cm/33.5″

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Silver shungite necklace

Our online store produces each silver shungite necklace by hand. Each piece is made of a single piece of the type 1 Russian stone. We do not any process our pendants by technical means and do not change their shape. As a result, each silver shungite necklace has a unique and unparalleled shape. In addition, this form of is natural and fully fits the in which was found in nature.

This type of mineral is extremely rare. Because there’s only one mine on earth where it was found. Above all, this mine is completely extracted now and in the nature there were only grains of this surprising stone.

A little more about this silver shungite necklace

Also, this unique elite silver shungite necklace has a rather large weight. Therefore, such a rare accessory will differ from the usual randomly shaped pendants, which are much lighter than this unique sample. Thus, when wearing this accessory as a pendant, you can really feel its heaviness and power.

Authentication of the stone

At the same time, the type 1 stone, from which we made this pendant, has only one deposit on Earth – in Karelia. And nowhere on Earth there are no such deposits of this rare fullerene-containing mineral. Therefore, such a rarity attracts scammers who can pass off all sorts of fakes as the silver stone, which was allegedly found in other places, not in Russia.

However, it is easy to distinguish a fake from the genuine elite Russian stone by a test for electrical conductivity. After all, real karelian mineral conducts electricity very well. It does this in much the same way as metal. Therefore, the resistance to electric current of a pendant made of this type of Karelian mineral will either be equal to zero or have a value very close to zero.

And in our video that we made for our silver shungite necklace, you can see that it has high electrical conductivity. After all, our elite silver stone has zero resistance to electric current. No other minerals on Earth (except for minerals with an admixture of metals), including fakes supposedly not from Russia, have the same electrical conductivity as the type 1 stone.

The measurement of resistance to electric current for demonstration purposes was made for a pendant made of the stone. All of our pendants are made from this mineral and have the same performance as in this video. This pendant in the video differs from the “lot 4 pendant” in this ad in shape and size, but not in the mineral it is made from.

Material of the pendant

Each silver shungite necklace in our online store is a sample of 98% unique carbon shape. Also it called as silver type 1 stone. The fact that this stone has a silvery surface. This surface reflects daylight. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch. We made sure to enable you to choose precisely the silver shungite necklace which will be the greatest harmony with you.

You get exactly the pendant that you see in the photo. This makes it possible to personalize each decoration and not be like the others.

On some samples of minerals there can be insignificant, hardly noticeable, traces of rust. Don’t worry, these are natural inclusions of oxidized pyrite inclusions that can form on the surface of this mineral.

Guarantee of authenticity

It is also worth noting the fact that in modern realities, there are a huge number of fakes. As a result, other types of stone (low quality) or just other rocks are sold under the guise of this unique rare stone.

We see a lot of such sellers from around the world and other cities of Russia. Please pay attention to the fact that silver shungite necklace can not be cheaper than in the place of its production. We guarantee you the authenticity of each pieces Russian stones as well as all products of our store.

The fact is that our store and we ourselves come from Karelia, not far from the birthplace of this mineral. This is the Republic of Karelia, a region of Russia. We produce and manufacture our products ourselves. We also guarantee that you will receive your order directly from us from our Karelian store without any intermediaries.

Due to recent events in the world, we now have our own small warehouse in Europe to ensure fast delivery for our customers from different countries.

In addition, all transactions on our website are protected by one of the largest companies of PayPal. You can return your item and get a full refund of your money if you doubt the authenticity of our products in accordance with the shipping and return policies of our store. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Weight0.39 lbs
Dimensions3.54 × 3.54 × 2.36 in





Elite shungite


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