Elite Shungite

What is Elite Shungite?

Elite Shungite, also known as noble Noble shungite is an extremely rare mineral in nature, which is 98% pure unique carbon. This form of carbon is not found anywhere else in nature. To date, the exact origin of elite Shungite on earth has not been established. There are many scientific theories about the origin of this mineral. One such theory suggests that this form of carbon came to earth with a Alland meteorite from space.

big elite noble shungite stone

This theory is based on the fact that such a form of carbon does not exist in other materials or rocks on earth. In addition, the only mine in the world where elite Shungite was discovered is located in Karelia. This is the North-Western region of Russia on the border with Finland. Currently, this mine is completely exhausted. Local authorities fenced the entrance to the mine with a cage.

The tunnels inside the Mine

Shun'ga mine

This mine could collapse at any moment. Melt water flooded the mine in the spring of each year. Soil are made loose, in this connection there is a danger of collapse. It is more likely more likely every year.

entrance to mine of shun'ga

Elite shungite is 98% unique carbon. The remaining 2% is a variety of chemical elements from the periodic table. Here is a list of these chemical elements that were identified in the analysis of elite shungite by x-ray fluorescence method in special laboratory conditions:

chemical composition of elite shungite

This mineral has a light gray smooth surface. The surface is like glass, it is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Reflects light like a mirror. Large pieces of elite shungite are more valuable than small ones. Large pieces are much less common than small pieces. Small pieces have the advantage that they have a large area of contact with water. On the surface of elite shungite small inclusions of rust color are possible.

elite shungite with rust

These are traces of other minerals that have oxidized under the influence of oxygen and water. These rust marks can be removed with a hard brush. Some inclusions go deep into the mineral and are difficult to clean. This mineral is electrically conductive. Elite shungite freely conducts electric current while the resistance force tends to zero.

Why is called Elite?

The name – “elite shungite” as well as – “noble shungite”is absent in the official scientific terminology.
Most likely it is connected with modern public terminology. This unofficial term appeared among people when there was a need to distinguish two types of Shungite. It is black (classic) and gray (elite). Probably, the word “Elite” or “noble” means – the best. Due to the fact that it contains 98% of the unique carbon.

What is the difference between Shungite and Elite noble Shungite?

As I wrote above, elite noble shungite is “pure shungite” It is almost pure unique carbon 98%. It has a light gray color and a shiny surface.
Extremely rare. Has value for collectors, and also is used for infusion water. It is believed that such water has a positive impact on the human body. In addition, it is a fragile and specific mineral that is almost untreatable. It is impossible to make a pyramid or other geometric shapes or products of the correct form. We make elite Shungite pendants. Each pendant has a natural unique natural shape. You can find them in our shungit store.
If we are talking about shungite without adding the word – elite, it is Shungite which has a black color and is similar to coal.

shungite stones difference
real shungite

On its untreated surface are clearly visible veins of pyrite and Quartzite. The content of unique carbon from 0 to 30% (very rarely this figure reaches 60%) depending on the field. This stone can be processed due to the fact that it contains other minerals and chemical elements. It makes a variety of geometric shapes, as well as plates, pendants and other products.
Science does not share the Shungite on elite and normal. Scientific definitions differentiate the types of Shungite by the areas of its Deposit and production due to the fact that the chemical composition of each Deposit is different from each other. You can learn more in the section on our website – About shungite.

Shungite deposits in Karelia, Russia:

  • “Zazhogino field” – the largest developed shungite Deposit in Russia. Location: Zaonezhye, Medvezhyegorsky district, Central Karelia, Karelia, Russia. The unique carbon content of about 30%.
  • “Nigozero Deposit” – the largest developed shungite-containing shale. Location: Kondopozhsky district, South Karelia, Karelia, Russia. The unique carbon content less than 5% or tends to zero.
  • “Shun’ga Deposit ” (mine in the Village of Shun’ga). The only place in the world where pure (elite) shungite was found. The unique carbon content of about 98%.

In this photo you can see the open development site in the Zazhogino Field. It’s most popular field for shungite mining in Karelia. This is a relatively large shungite field, but its reserves are rapidly decreasing every year.

zazhogino field

This shungite has become the object of worldwide scientific research. In the course of these studies, its unique abilities and shungite properties were discovered!
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