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Shungite c60 products

Shungite c60 products are made manually. Each item is carved by a craftsman from a solid piece of genuine shungite stone. This is not a pressed factory stamped mold. C60 stands for the type of fullerenes that was found in shungite. This is the most unusual and rare type of fullerenes that have been found in the natural environment.

shungite c60
shungite c60

We manufacture about 10 different types of shungite products. For example, pyramids, spheres, pendants, tiles, plates for mobile phones and other home electronics, goods for spiritual practice, meditation, relaxation, raw shungite stones for water purification and many other goods.

shungite c60 products wholesale usa
shungite c60 products, Russia, Karelia

Attention, the goods made of genuine shungite stone weigh lighter than you expect. This is due to the fact that shungite c60 has a high carbon and fullerenes content, it is lighter than the composition of an ordinary stone that you are used to seeing in nature. The high carbon content makes shungite less durable than other minerals or rocks, but still shungite has enough strength.

Features of our products

Shungite C60 products can get your hands dirty when first used. This is since there may be a small amount of shungite dust on the surface of the shungite product. This dust is formed because of the manufacture and cutting of goods from raw shungite stone. Raw black shungite looks like coal and gets your hands dirty. We thoroughly wash all our shungite products after any product has been hand-carved from a raw piece of genuine shungite stone. But still part of the shungite dust may remain on the surface of the product. It is this dust that can dirty your hands. This is not the most pleasant moment, but it is a natural feature of natural stone. Plastic or stamped factory molds made of black resin or fake shungite (Orgonite) stones do not dirty your hands. But such products are not shungite!

Pyrite and Quartz in Shungite C60 stone

Russian Shungite stone has a unique mineral composition and allotropic form of carbon, and contains minerals such as pyrite and quartz. Please look at our photos of raw black shungite in nature and these photos of shungite pendants. You can see the veins of Pyrite and Quartz in these photos. These veins at first glance look like scratches or defects, as if a pendant or a product is glued together from several parts.

However, this is not the case and is an optical illusion. A unique pattern of Pyrite and Quartz in the form of veins permeates the entire structure of the authentic shungite C60 stone. In addition, the pattern created by Pyrite and Quartz is unique and never repeats as human fingerprints. This makes each shungite product individual. Rest assured, nowhere else in the world will there be such a product made of shungite made by hand as yours. Therefore, you can feel complete unity between you and your pendant, his and your energy.

natural shungite products
natural shungite c60 products from russia, karelia

Polished shungite c60 is often confused with plastic. But this erroneous opinion arises against the background of the light weight of the product (if it has a small size) and the shiny (mirror-like) black surface of the pendant. Especially, this erroneous opinion is common among shungite pendants. Because this shungite product has a small size, light weight, and a shiny polished surface.

Features of pendants

We produce Shungite pendants of various geometric shapes, as well as pendants with engraved drawings of various symbols. The shungite pendant has a deep rich black color and a polished surface on both sides of the pendant. It’s not paint! Each pendant has a black lace made of polyester thread. It is a smooth, pleasant to the touch material. Please note that any shoelace may spontaneously untie as a result, you may lose or break your pendant. We strongly recommend using a strong and reliable triple knot. And also check the knot of your shungite c60 pendant for strength. You can use your shoelace or chain. We have added our lace so that you can immediately use your pendant for its intended purpose.

Please note that the polished surface of the shungite pendant will become matte and natural over time. This is a natural process because of the friction of the pendant on your skin or clothes. We recommend rinsing your pendant under running water before first use. And wipe the ends of your pendant with a damp and soft cloth. This will remove the remnants of shungite dust from the surface of the pendant.

Shungite c60 Forgeries

Indeed, many sellers pass off various materials in the form of plastic or resin (Orgonite) as genuine shungite c60. There are a lot of black materials and minerals in the world that look like shungite. But these materials do not conduct electric current. Shungite has this rare ability to conduct electric current. You can check it out and do similar tests at your home. to do this, you need a special device – a multimeter. This tool is used to detect malfunctions in electrical and electronic devices.

Guarantee of authenticity

Our shop Shungite c60 has been manufacturing products from genuine shungite stone for more than 4 years and we guarantee the authenticity and high quality of all our shungite products. Because we are not intermediaries and personally control the entire process from the delivery of raw shungite to the final product. Buying shungite products in our store, you are protected from counterfeiting.

All our products have a certificate of authenticity, which we received in Russia in accordance with the procedure established by law. Many of our clients tell us that they receive shungite forgeries with a certificate that looks like a business card made of simple laminated paper. There is no difficulty in making such a colored cardboard at home on any printer. In addition, we have done research on our shungite C60 stone in our laboratory of the Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia. The Republic of Karelia is the only region where a mountain deposit of genuine shungite stone has been discovered.

Shungite c60 for our products

Real Russian black shungite has at least 30% carbon. This shungite c60 is the third type. But it is this black shungite that has become the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of EMF protection and water treatment. Shungite of the first type (elite) contains 98% and has a silvery gray shiny color, but this type of shungite has not been the object of research in the field of EMF protection. 

In addition, there is a second type of shungite in Karelia (Petrovsky shungite). This shungite contains about 60% carbon and has a dark matte gray color. This shungite has also not been the object of worldwide research in the field of EMF protection. You can get acquainted with the results of these studies (all three types of shungite) and our shungite certificate on our certificates page on the main showcase of our store. All our shungite products are made of black shungite C60 stone of the third type. It is this shungite that has become the object of worldwide scientific research.

shungite rock with a pyrite and quartz
real shungite rock with a pyrite and quartz

Shungite – containing rocks.

Shungite deposits have also been discovered in some countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and others. But the carbon content in such rocks is 10% or less, such rocks are called shungite-containing, but not this is not an authentic shungite stone. Currently, the market is overflowing with fakes of this rare and endowed with amazing abilities black Russian shungite C60 stone. But you can get a guaranteed genuine shungite stone directly from the manufacturer.

Taking care of the environment

Our shop Shungite c60 strive to keep up with the times and new trends in environmental protection. We have minimized the consumables associated with colorful packaging, which is disposed of in huge volumes. Such (marketing) colorful packaging is disposed of by customers in the first minutes after their goods have been unpacked. It pollutes the environment. All our pendants are packed in thin transparent bags made of biodegradable food grade plastic. No additional useless wastepaper! That is why we have created this digital detailed description and guide for shungite stone to give our client maximum useful information and guarantees, without harming nature.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions about our shungite products.