Shungite helpful stone

shungite helpful stone in water
shungite helpful stone

There are a great number of ferruginous springs in Russia, but the helpful properties of the marcial waters of Karelia are much stronger. Is it not because the helpful water passes through this strange shungite helpful stone?

The name he gave the reason is very prosaic: there was the village of Shunga. And the black stone was really strange. In its chemical composition it contained almost the entire Periodic table of Mendeleev. In addition, this rare stone is the only carrier of natural unique particles in the world – fullerenes.

Russian black stone of mystery

shungite helpful stone raw mineral
The raw stone in nature

Shungite helpful stone

Studies have shown that shungite helpful stone lies on the most ancient aliens of the earth’s crust (as, indeed, the entire Kola Peninsula), age is about 2 billion years. At that time there was nothing live on Earth, there were no forests from which color any other carbon compounds could be formed. Looking ahead, it should be noted that shungite is a carbonaceous c60 compound. It was also surprising that the shungite Deposit in the area of Marcial waters (Karelia, in Russia) is the only one on the globe!

Where did the rare stone come from?

There are several answers to this question – from the prosaic (shungite helpful stone – the result of the primitive microorganisms of the ancient seas) to the exotic (shungite – an ancient meteorite that arrived on Earth from the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter).

shungite in nature
Shungite in Nature

Does shungite have helpful properties?

Seven years after it became known about the fullerenes, Semyon Tsipoursky, a former Soviet scientist now working at the University of Arizona in the United States, found that the samples of shungite helpful stone, which he brought to the memory of the Marcial waters, there is fullerene. It is thanks to him that water, passing through the Russian rocks, acquires helpful properties. You can learn more about the unusual properties of this rare stone in this article.

shungite helpful stone big sample
Black shungite helpful stone

Shungite helpful stone is known more than 300 years ago

By the way, as strange as it may sound. But Russian great Tsar Peter 1 was saved thanks to the existence of shungite helpful stone. According to a long time on the shores of lake Onega, in the middle of nowhere Tolvuya churchyard, languished in prison for the noble slave – nun Martha Ivanovna, in the world boyar Ksenia Romanova. Before exile she had seven children, but all died.

But one day a miracle happened. She gave birth to the boy Mikhail. It was happened after she bathing in a source which water was insisted on a black rock from Russia. It was Mikhail Fedorovich who laid the Foundation of the dynasty ruling Imperial Russia more than 300 years.

Helpful Water of Black Stone

No one remembered this source for a long time. Perhaps this source would have been lost. But it wasn’t meant to be. Because, in 1707 tsar Petr 1 founded nearby copper smelter, and seven years later this source was once again “discovered” the working of this plant Ivan Reboev, whose aching heart.

The shungite helpful stone water helped. It was accidentally learned by king Peter and ordered the court physician Blumentrost and surgeon Ravelin to investigate this source and report on the results. Their report surpassed all expectations of the king: this water “had great force”. In that regard the Tsar tested it on himself and was so delighted that he ordered to build a Helpful water Palace.

That place had been called – “Marcial waters”. This resort is one of the most famous in Russia. In addition, it is the current and most visited places for health improvement among residents of Russia. It is a pity that not everyone can get treatment in this unique place. Because the cost of treatment is extremely high in this place.

marcial water karelia resort
Karelian Resort – “Marcial Water”

Official scientific research of Shungite helpful stone in the modern world

The progress of mankind does not stand still. Much time has passed since tsarist Russia and the reign of Peter the great. Humanity can look deeper into the depths of chemical, physical and biological processes. Every day there are any scientific discoveries or research in various fields of science.

Rare Karelian stone was no exception. Moreover, every year there is more evidence of helpful and other amazing abilities of this extremely rare mineral. For example, after research and scientific experiments, Karelian healing stone has become an officially recommended natural remedy for human treatment.

Positive dynamics is noted in the prevention and treatment of human respiratory organs, bone and joint therapy, digestive organs. In addition, the use of pastes based on black Karelian crushed stones powder has found wide application in the field of various skin diseases. This amazing mineral is also well established in the complex treatment of human, as an auxiliary component in the main therapy.

This rare, black stone of Karelia is increasingly used in medical institutions of Russia, as a material for finishing medical facilities. Including due to the property of rocks from Karelia to protect from EMF fields.

shungite room in medicine
Shungite helpful stone: room in Karelia

As follows from the official reports of various medical institutions, treatment in such premises gives a great preventive and therapeutic effect. This increases the efficiency and quality of treatment of cardiac patients, stabilizes vascular functions. In addition, it relieves stress and stressful reactions of the body and activates the immune defense.

White Keys” Russian health resort

The treatment of the person with use of shungite helpful stone

One of the many official scientific evidence is the results of the famous Russian health resort – White Keys. This resort is less well-known resort – Marcial waters, but it also uses shungite helpful stone for comprehensive health care. Since 2001, this health center has been implementing treatment technologies based on this helpful mineral.

Above all, for the treatment and prevention of the people here start to apply a concentrated solution of water as a means for the rinsing, that has undergone pit storing and inhalation to the respiratory system. Suspensions made of powder, as well as mixtures for the preparation of mineralized baths, are beginning to be used.

white keys resort

Result of treatment

The following data were obtained at the entrance of observation and fixation of treatment results. After external application of suspensions made from the powder of this mineral, patients significantly increased joint mobility. Inflammation and swelling of the skin were significantly reduced after three procedures. Also, there is a positive dynamics in the localization of chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx.

After three sessions of inhalation with the infusion of shungite helpful stone, the exacerbation of this disease receded. Patients suffering from high blood pressure, noted a significant improvement in their condition after 6 procedures with the use of c60 black stone bath. Medical examination of these patients confirmed the normalization of their blood pressure to the generally accepted norm.

Many researchers in this area note the fact that the ability of shungite helpful stone is largely determined by the presence of Fullerenes in its composition.

How are fullerenes used in medicine?

Studies of Fullerenes

In Russia and other countries of our world dozens of scientific groups in 10 cities are working on fullerene. For example, at Moscow state University, Institute of immunology, Institute of chemical physics in Chernogolovka and others. One of the leaders in the study of the unusual properties of fullerenes, who offered a unique, unparalleled in the world development of this topic, was Grigory Vladimirovich Andrievsky. He is a senior researcher At the Institute of therapy of AMS of Ukraine in Kharkiv.

Shungite helpful stone: Effect of fullerenes in medicine

Fullerene is not toxic, does not suppress healthy cells, but rather helps to work all biological structures of the body. Then the natural fairy tale begins. Fullerene was the most powerful and long-acting antioxidant. Due to this, the drugs created on the basis of fullerene help to treat a variety of inflammatory, viral, allergic and other diseases. For example: asthma, influenza, infertility, burns, ulcers, which are often difficult to standard therapy. Above all, recently in experiments on animals it was found that shungite helpful stone fullerenes is able to prevent the occurrence and inhibits the development of atherosclerosis.

In conclusion, we would like to note that shungite helpful stone is a natural source of fullerenes. In today’s world, these molecular particles are becoming increasingly popular in the way of human health. Thus, it makes shungite helpful stone is interesting and multifaceted for research. As we see it, they can beautifully intertwine the most modern problems of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine. In addition, the origin of life on Earth. Learn more about this amazing and helpful mineral of Karelia in this article.