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How to Use Shungite

the use of shungite and powder

In order to most accurately and fully answer the question – how to use shungite, it is necessary to understand that this unique mineral is endowed with a wide range of useful and unusual abilities. Each of these properties has its own recommendations for use. Moreover, many of these properties of shungite have been tested on the experience of Karelian and Russian medical institutions. In this article we will talk about the most common methods of using shungite. For example, human health and protection from high frequency electromagnetic waves.

How to use shungite for health?

If we talk about health with the help of shungite, the first thing that comes to mind is water, which has been in contact with shungite stones for several days. The fact is that the chemical composition of this rare mineral from Karelia is unique. First, the presence of natural fullerenes C60 in shungite allows to use it as one of the strongest natural sources of antioxidants. Secondly, the porous structure in the form of globules, gives the ability to neutralize harmful impurities from water by their absorption.

This makes this mineral suitable for use in water treatment systems. Thirdly, high biological activity these stones allows to use it for external application in the form of ointments. In addition, the Internet is increasingly possible to find recipes for the suspension of olive oil and shungite powder. In our store you will find a powder made of 100% shungite stone without any impurities or additives.

how to use shungite

How to use Shungite for water?

There are two ways to prepare Shungite water. The first method is the use of classical shungite. This type has a black color, rich chemical composition and a unique carbon content of 30%. This mineral has become the object of worldwide research studies. Also, this minerals type is known as – regular. This type of minerals is suitable for water purification and mineralization. Because it has antibacterial and absorbent properties. It is exactly this kind of rare stones is recognized and recommended as the most effective material in water treatment systems.
The second method is the use of elite shungite (noble). This mineral is an almost pure form of unique carbon. This is about 98%. This mineral has a silver color and smooth and pleasant to the touch surface. This type of shungite is recommended for mineralization and saturation of water with natural antioxidants.

shungite stones difference

How to use classic stones for water?

In this case, we will need about 80-100 grams of raw pieces of classical shungite. Above all, wash the stones thoroughly before first use. Water at the same time will have a black color, it is natural. Black water color gives shungite dust, which is on the raw stones. Usually this amount is enough for 1 liter of water. In a few days such water is ready.

After that, it is recommended to drain the top layer of water (about 700gramm), in a separate container for drinking. And the lower layer is poured out without use as it contains contaminants. In addition, once a week, shungite stones should be washed and lightly rubbed against each other. If the water was infused for more than 3 days, then this water is too saturated and is recommended only for external use (for example, for washing) or as an additive for taking a bath. Over time, the stones are saturated with harmful impurities. Therefore, classic stones is recommended to change to a new one every two to three months.

Please note, that the water to infuse must be drinkable without the use of shungite stones. The fact is that scientific research in the field of water purification was carried out on tap water of the Republic of Karelia. In our region, the water is relatively clean and it is possible to drink even from the lake, away from the city. Water is very different in different countries and regions of the world. It is important to understand that shungite has sorption and antibacterial properties, but this does not make it a miracle stone that will purify any even the most polluted water. This requires a specialized multi-stage filters using the stones of shungite.

How to use elite stones for water?

In this case, we need 50 grams of elite shungite stones per 1 liter of water. Usually elite shungite is used to mineralize water and saturate it with antioxidants in the form of fullerenes. It is believed that this water is good for health. After a day, this water is considered ready. As in the first case, drain about 700 grams of water in a separate vessel, and pour the rest of the water without using. Pour new water. It is recommended to wash the stones once a week. Large stones can be cleaned with a brush. Small stones just RUB against each other. Stones, Elite shungit, it is recommended to change to a new one every six months.

shungite water

Please note, Shungite water is not recommended to drink constantly, it is necessary to take breaks, for example 14 days after 14 days. In addition, it should be remembered that Shungite is not a medicinal product or medicament. As a result, it has no official confirmed instructions for use at home. All usage methods and recommendations described in this article are provided for informational purposes only and are based on the personal experience and experience of other people.

How to prepare an ointment of Shungite Powder?

Although on sale and there are various creams and ointments, but you can prepare shungite ointment itself and at home. This requires 100% shungite powder should be diluted it is in warm shungite water and stir to form a creamy mass. Application. Above all, immediately, this ointment is applied in a thin layer on the diseased or affected part bodies while she’s warm. In addition, on top of the ointment you need to wrap with polythene and wrap a warm cloth. After that, against 20 to 30 minutes leave this bandage. Then you need to wash off the ointment with warm water. Shungite ointment are applied in an integrated and self-treatment of diseases joints, radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, and salt deposits. As well as in skin diseases, pain symptoms and inflammation.

shungite powder for helpful

How to use shungite to protect against EMF?

Another scientifically proven ability of shungite is the absorption of propagating in space waves of electromagnetic fields of different nature. For example , EMF or geopathic radiation. EMF sources are almost all electrical devices, which are associated with everyday human life. Therefore, the most common method of at home is to place shungite near the EMF source or in the place where you spend most time. For example bedroom or living room. Based on the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, each geometric shape has its own energy, which complements the ability of Shungite to protect against EMF. Choose the item you like best. It can be a pyramid, sphere or plate with adhesive base for your phone.

emf protection

Place the Shungite next to your bed or under your pillow. Similarly, you may put the pyramid next to your monitor or microwave. Stick the shungite plate on the back cover of your mobile phone. You can also wear shungite in the form of pendants and amulets. Choose the shape and type of pendant you like best. If you doubt the properties and strength of this unique mineral, you can make a small purchase to test its effectiveness. Many of our clients note that they have ended their headaches after shungite appeared in their home. In addition, shungite bracelets helped them to overcome the pain in the wrist and ankles.

Shungite wearing.

In some cases, the first experience of people with shungite can stain their clothes or get their hands dirty. This is since shungite products contain fine shungite dust after production. This is an integral feature of natural shungite.

To eliminate this, rinse the shungite product under running water, you can also gently wipe it with a soft cloth. But don’t overdo it to avoid rubbing off the polished surface, as it is quite fragile.

After you start wearing a shungite pendant or bracelet, they will inevitably become a little dull, especially the bracelet and beads necklace. That is, a natural shungite surface of black color with a special ornament from the accompanying minerals will appear. This is because we do not paint the shungite surface with any paint, but only polish it. See more about the specifics of our pendants and about what happens when wearing shungite.