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What are shungite rocks for?

Introduction to the concept of shungite

shungite rocks
shungite rocks

Shungites (from the name of the village Shunga) is a Precambrian rock saturated with carbonaceous (shungite substance) material in a non-crystalline state. With metamorphism, they turn into graphite, cryptocrystalline graphite. Unstratified (migrated) anthraxolite contains up to 99% carbon and occurs in the form of stratified and oblique veins, nests and tonsils.

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Shungite rocks

shungite rock mineral from Karelia

Shungite rocks is a scientific definition

Shungite is a rare mineral containing fullerenes, the carbonaceous substance of shungite is neither graphite nor coal. The main unit of the supramolecular structure of the carbonaceous substance of shungite rocks is a globule – a fullerene-like formation of the order of 10 nm in size. Which is a 3-dimensional closed shell, and in General, consists of fragments of such shells or smoothly curved packages of carbon layers covering a nanoscale pore.

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Shungite FAQ

shungite mineral

We get a lot of monotonous questions about Shungite every day. In this article we have collected shungite FAQ and answers to the most popular questions about Shungite from our readers. We will try to give brief but meaningful answers about this rare and unique black stone.

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Shungite fullerene

content of fullerenes c60 in shungite stone


From a scientific point of view, Shungite is a fullerene-like, non-graphite carbonaceous substance. Shungite is a rare form of minerals. A feature of this mineral is its unique chemical composition, the main element of which is a unique form of carbon. Shungite fullerene it is form of carbon that is contained in Shungite stone. Even more unique this mineral makes the fact that this mineral is extracted only in one place on earth. This region is the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Currently, it is the only natural material on the planet earth in which fullerenes were discovered in their natural state.

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